Mark Ruffalo Says Disney’s She-Hulk Will Be Very Very Different

It takes one Hulk to know another and Mark Ruffalo says Disney’s She-Hulk will be very very different.

For years we have loved Mark Ruffalo as the smashing big guy of the MCU after Edward Norton.

We have seen Ruffalo portray Bruce Banner calmly saying:

I am always angry

Bruce has also undergone many struggles coming to terms with the angry guy in his head.

We saw him allow Hulk to take over and become a space gladiator.

Bruce also struggled at a time when Hulk did not want to show himself after his defeat to Thanos.

Then for a time we see Hulk who’s amiable and good natured.

And now, apparently, after losing Natasha Romanov, Bruce appears as a normal human again.

Mark Ruffalo Says Disney’s She-Hulk Will Be Very Very Different

All of these faces of the Hulk and Bruce Banner are different.

These are faces that reflect his mental and emotional struggle as he comes to terms with the Gamma Radiation’s effect on him.

Different faces, different Hulks, different phases in his life.

As for She-Hulk, for Ruffalo to say she’ll be very different, is most likely going to be an understatement.

A woman of course has a body chemistry quite different from a man.

This alone will affect the results of Gamma Radiation to Bruce Banner’s cousin, Jennifer Walters.

Mark Ruffalo himself is at awe as to how Tatiana Maslany handled the titular role, saying to Access Hollywood:

Tatiana Maslany is freaking legendary as the She-Hulk. I’m passing the ‘banner’ onto her. Yeah, there’s some really good, funny, cool, long, long scenes between the Professor and her. We’ve never really seen the Hulk interact with people the way he does in that show. It will be really interesting.

Does this mean Professor Hulk is in the series? Is it in a capacity as a mentor for the new Hulk in the MCU?

Mark Ruffalo Says Disney’s She-Hulk Will Be Very Very Different

Mark Ruffalo Disney She-Hulk

Image: Marvel Comics Group

If by “different” he’d mean presentation of the character from how we’re used to as in Hulk, does it mean there’s less action or thrown cars?

We hope not because we look forward to seeing Hulk-Smash again.

If only to relieve us of our stress by seeing them rage on screen in our stead.

The upcoming series is positioned as a comedy and we have seen the cute side of Hulk in Thor: Ragnarok.

We do love to see that with his cousin as well.

Another difference will be the profession and industry they work in.

Hulk’s more on science and research as well as tech while She-Hulk’s a lawyer, a defense attorney specially for cases superpowered clients.

She Hulk is expected to smash the small screen some time this year on Disney Plus.


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