Mari Yamamoto Joins Legendary’s Monsterverse Apple Series

Legendary’s Monsterverse franchise welcomes Mari Yamamoto into its series, currently in pre-production for Apple Original. Production still keeps her role in the franchise secret as of posting time.

According to Deadline, Yamamoto is now part of the upcoming Monsterverse series in development and production for Apple TV. She will join actors Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Kiersey Clemons, Joe Tippett, Elisa Lasowski, Kurt Russell, and Wyatt Russell, whom production has officially announced.

Mari Yamamoto Joins Legendary’s Monsterverse Apple Series

Mari Yamamoto Joins Legendary's Monsterverse Apple Series

In our previous report, Matt Shakman will direct two episodes of the series at the same time be among the executive producers. The series will pick up after the events of Godzilla vs. Kong in San Francisco. After the fight, the world is keenly aware of the monsters’ existence. Thus, Monarch will position itself as a key organization in this development. Monarch will take a major role in the series.

Theories surface that Monarch, during its experiments and observations in the Hollow Earth, will dabble with creating hybrids. We all know another franchise that has wreaked havoc in the planet because they meant to revive a certain set of species via DNA. And, we also all know how that experiment went.

Could Mari Yamamoto be one of the scientists in this part of the story? Or is she one of those people instrumental in exposing conspiracies to the public? At this point in the production, anything can still be possible.

Yamamoto is Hana in the period drama Pachinko from Apple TV released just this March. She is also Oiwa of a 2020 thriller movie Story Game. A film that Jason K. Lau wrote, executive produced and directed under TalkStory Productions, Geek Picture and Hyperspective Studios. It told about three friends who played a game of who can tell the scariest story on a camping trip in Hawaii.

Mari Yamamoto Joins Legendary’s Monsterverse Apple Series

Mari Yamamoto Joins Legendary's Monsterverse Apple Series

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The actress has 20 project credits under her belt. Titles covering drama, adventure as well as thriller that will have definitely prepared her for a role in the epic Monsterverse. Could she be the rumored character who is a professional in the world of Monarch, renowned in an exclusive science community?

We can already imagine her taking on intense scenes for this character in the series. As production is still in its early stages, release dates are not yet available. More details will be available hopefully soon.


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