Manifest Season 4 Likely To Release On Netflix Late 2022

Manifest excites the fans as they learn that Season 4 is likely to release on Netflix late 2022.

Jeff Rake, the creator of the series, answers an inquiry posted by the famous author Stephen King.

The answer indicates the new season possibly comes back this November.

The series initially aired 2018 on NBC.

Manifest told the story of passengers and crew of an airliner re-appearing after being lost and presumed dead for five years.

Three seasons explore the possibilities of the reason behind their disappearance.

The characters also discover possible causes of their situation and are adamant in finding the truth.

Delving into the supernatural aspect of their disappearance, the series present the passengers having certain abilities after they return to their lives.

Other than the various personal struggles the passengers have to face upon going home, they start to experience what was eventually termed “callings”.

Manifest Season 4 Likely To Release On Netflix Late 2022

The three seasons that aired on NBC had mixed reviews and viewer ratings declined.

There was quite an impression that they have stretched the seasons with repetitive theme and sub-stories.

By June 2021, NBC canceled the series.

The series began streaming on Netflix that same month.

Manifest demonstrated its streaming potential in the viewing charts.

The show was in the Top Ten for 100 days convincing Netflix to save it.

Netflix decided to give it the fourth and final season for a proper end.

The fourth and final season promises 20 episodes.

Manifest Season 4 Likely To Release On Netflix Late 2022

Image: NBC

Fans of the series will be happy to get a closure from the story.

The final episode of the third season was such a cliffhanger that viewers thought they would never find out what Cal meant when he said

It’s okay, I know what we need to do now

We can’t help but feel that Cal Stone is the show telling viewers not to worry.

They’ve got the story covered in the fourth season.

Deadline reports that negotiations are well underway for the return of the cast and writers of the show.

They will be rejoining Jeff Rake for Season 4.

In fact, actors Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh and J.R. Ramirez are already on board.

The rest of the cast are on the final leg of their respective negotiations.

It’s truly remarkable that a series that seemed to have been left out in the cold now has a new home.

More importantly, through the efforts of the fans, Manifest will be able to tie all the loose ends.


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