Lucasfilm And Shawn Levy In Talks For Star Wars Movie

Despite Disney’s advise to limit the announcement of new projects for Lucasfilms, sites now say Shawn Levy is in talks for a Star Wars movie. The director definitely has his hands full already but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another franchise. Deadline reports that Levy is in talks to helm a movie for the Star Wars franchise of Lucasfilm. Meanwhile, Disney also has some projects with the director down the line.

After Stranger Things, which has a finale season still in development, there is the possible Free Guy sequel. Moreover, even before they even finish Deadpool 3, according to IMDb, he also has Starman in development for Columbia Pictures under his production banner 21 Laps Entertainment. And let’s not start with his list of projects as a producer.

Lucasfilm And Shawn Levy In Talks For Star Wars Movie

Shawn Levy To Helm Star Wars Movie

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This news adds his name to the growing list of projects that Lucasfilm has on the board. While fans may be growing weary waiting for active development, for all the world knows, the studio may be deep in production for some projects as we speak. Yes, that is hoping.

Because of the limitation Disney set on Lucasfilm in sharing project updates, now everything is in tight wraps. Still, it may just be practicing “less talk, less mistakes”. And, Lucasfilm can’t afford any mistake in the big screen arena for Star Wars. Actually, this is because the Solo: A Star Wars Story and the sequel trilogy of the Skywalker saga. Back then, there seemed to be a steady stream of Star Wars movies. Until, box office numbers dwindled reflecting the disappointed fandom.

Afterwards, Lucasfilm got its rejuvenation through Disney Plus when they focused on series for streaming. Fan interest flamed anew. But as they strengthened their story in the series, they somehow seemed to lose footing in terms of full feature films. Something is wrong.

Right now, while Marvel has a title slate all the way to 2026, Lucasfilm has Star Wars projects they announced that people count with just one hand. There is the mysterious project Marvel President Kevin Feige is working on with Loki series writer Michael Waldron. Then there is the film that Thor director Taika Waititi is developing. Also, Wonder Woman filmmaker Patty Jenkins’ Rogue Squadron which production seems to grow more indefinite as time goes by. Recently, there is also a project from Damon Lindelof that will be under the direction of Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy. 

Lucasfilm And Shawn Levy In Talks For Star Wars Movie

Shawn Levy To Helm Star Wars Movie

Just what is Shawn Levy going to do for Star Wars? Well, back in February, there has been talks about a movie. One that they described as a “Stranger Things in Space”. Any chances that Lucasfilm is approaching one of the main directors of the popular Netflix series himself for the movie? It may be a reasonable speculation but as a director, someone who has done the actual Stranger Things, it may just be no longer his cup of tea.

For now, we can’t expect Disney or Lucasfilm to address these officially. For one thing, they could really be talking to Levy. In fact, they’re probably talking to more than a handful other directors. As for us, we wait.

In the meantime, Disney Plus has Andor currently streaming with Tales of the Jedi animated series. Other series available for streaming are The Mandalorian 1 and 2, The Book of Boba Fett, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Upcoming series are Ahsoka and The Acolyte.


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