Lovecraft Country Director Yann Demange Helms Blade

Marvel Studios finally finds a new director for Mahershala Ali’s Blade in Yann Demange, the eyes behind Lovecraft Country. The news brings renewed faith for the upcoming movie as fans see the helmer a perfect fit for The Daywalker’s film feature. Based on the delivery for Lovecraft Country, online reactions are very positive and welcoming for the new director. Already, it seems that Marvel’s decision to wait and take their time to find the new director is already paying off.

The news comes from The Hollywood Reporter where it also states that the project is undergoing creative “overhaul”. In addition, Marvel has also found Michael Starrbury as its writer. Apparently, Marvel has Starrbury on board to pen a brand-new script.

Lovecraft Country Director Yann Demange Helms Blade

Lovecraft Country Director Yann Demange Helms Blade

Image; New Line Cinema

Like clockwork, production can now proceed with story development as the movie now has a new plan. With a release date currently on September 6, 2024, Blade has next year on its timeline to begin filming. Blade star Ali had an active role in getting the new director into the project.

As the vampire hunter has to meet certain action expectations from its fans, the production may still be targeting a PG-13 rating. Although, the production team may be intent in pushing the graphic violence envelope for it. There are also talks about aiming for an R rating for the movie. Should Blade steer its course for an R rating, it will be among the first few movies to belong to that criteria under Marvel Studios. Meanwhile, Deadpool 3 has already announced that it will keep its R rating for its threequel.

Many viewers specifically note Michael Giacchino’s Werewolf By Night Halloween special at Disney Plus as an example. Despite not having an R rating, the Halloween special was able to depict gruesome violence in the story. People say that the production can do something like Werewolf By Night. However, avid fans are adamant in hoping that Blade would be an R-rated movie. A number of reactors of the news say that Blade has never been for kids. Thus, an R-rated movie is a fitting delivery.

Lovecraft Country Director Yann Demange Helms Blade

Lovecraft Country Director Yann Demange Helms Blade

Image: 20th Century

Yann Demange’s time with Lovecraft Country is a reassuring sample of his work. The artistry is evident and people truly see how Blade could look through his eyes. On the other hand, Demange also has two other projects in pre-production. Namely the sci-fi drama Exit West from novelist Mohsin Hamid and the sci-fi thriller Scanners from writer William Bridges.

As for Starrbury, he also has two other projects up ahead. He will be writing the screenplay fordirector Ava DuVernay’s drama Battle of Versailles and director Matthew A. Cherry’s comedy The Come Up.

Production is scheduled to begin in Atlanta next year, with the movie dated for release on September 6, 2024.


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