Leslie Grace Shares Behind The Scenes What-Could-Have-Been Batgirl

Actress Leslie Grace shared a video on TikTok featuring behind the scenes shots of the canceled Batgirl movie for HBO Max. In July this year, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah focused on getting Batgirl into the DCEU multiverse. This was after their successful run with Ms Marvel on Disney Plus. The tandem directors were gearing up for Batgirl’s debut as a movie. At the time, they even had exciting news. Instead of an HBO Max release, Batgirl was preparing for a theatrical release.

Fast forward to first week of August, Warner Bros Discovery hit the breaks to the Batgirl movie. They decided it will be a tax write off. In the days that followed, the star Leslie Grace took to Instagram to confirm the WBD decision. She thanked the fans for their support while expressing her feelings. She is proud of all the hard work that everyone put into Batgirl all those 7 months of production. Understandably so.

Leslie Grace Shares Behind The Scenes What-Could-Have-Been Batgirl

@iamlesliegrace i couldn’t resist.. @Omar Apollo ♬ Evergreen (You Didn’t Deserve Me At All) – Omar Apollo

People took sides on whether the decision to cancel Batgirl was sound or not for WBD. Many gave the company negative feedback. However, as of now, Warner Bros Discovery is keeping its decision for Batgirl and Scooby for that matter.

There was however a few days after the announcement that rumors arose saying WBD went to negotiate with Leslie Grace again. In the report, Giant Freakin Robot posted that Leslie Grace turned down an offer to return as Batgirl for the DCEU. In the article, WBD offered Grace other opportunities to be Batgirl in other DCEU productions but the actress turned it down emphatically.

Now more almost two months after the cancelation, the actress shared video clips of behind-the-scenes of Batgirl. It featured the actress in training, practice as well as during shoot and even goofing around in her suit. Evidently, the cast and crew were all having a wonderful time during the production.

Leslie Grace Shares Behind The Scenes What-Could-Have-Been Batgirl

Leslie Grace Shares Behind The Scenes What-Could-Have-Been Batgirl

People can’t help but ask again why Batgirl was canceled. Some official statements from Warner Bros Discovery simply state that the movie is just not aligned with what they have now envision. Further, some gave the impression that it was a DC disaster waiting to happen. WBD was just saving their brand. Even though they did commend the talents of the people behind the movie, especially Leslie Grace, it still does not relay well that they cancelled a production that has already completed its filming.

Grace sharing the video with the caption that she just “couldn’t resist” is just proof that she gave her heart to the project. Maybe, it’s a step for her to process something she has no control of. Accepting the fact that Batgirl really won’t appear on either big or small screen.

It will take a while.


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