Legendary Entertainment To Make Duke Nukem Movie

Gearbox closed movie rights of Duke Nukem to Legendary Entertainment, which will produce the project with Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.

An article from The Hollywood Reporter states that Legendary Entertainment now has the rights to produce a movie based on the game Duke Nukem.

Legendary Entertainment To Make Duke Nukem Movie

Legendary Entertainment To Make Duke Nukem Movie

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The game features the eponymous character that contributed to the rise of first person and third person shooters for personal computers. Later on, Duke Nukem expanded to games released for various consoles by third-party developers. It was 2010 when Gearbox Software acquired the rights for the series. They then completed the development and released the game in Europe, Australia and North America in 2011. 

Based on the game’s popularity, talks about creating the live-adaptation or movie based on the game have been going on since the 1990s. All the way from film producer Lawrence Kasanoff to producer Scott Faye, companies from Gearbox Software to Paramount Pictures and Platinum Dunes. The possibility of having a Duke Nukem film has always been that: a possibility.

However, things may truly be getting Duke Nukem’s ammunition loaded as Heald, Hurwitz and Schlossberg are now on board. They carry their production banner Counterbalance Entertainment for the project. Counterbalance Entertainment gained familiarity through their work in Cobra Kai. Aside from Counterbalance Entertainment, Jean Julien Baronnet of Marla Studios will also be producing the film. Marla Studios are very well noted for video game adaptations. On the Marla Studios page, browsers already display Duke Nukem as one of their projects including Talking Tom and Brothers in Arms.

Legendary Entertainment To Make Duke Nukem Movie

Legendary Entertainment To Make Duke Nukem Movie

Image: 2K Games

A movie based on the game will most certainly feature a lot of gun shooting action. The protagonist is also notorious for using catchphrases or one liners. We imagine the movie to be assume a comedic take similar to Dude of Free Guy. On the other hand, there is also the possibility of turning this into a heavy sci-fi action flick because… aliens.

No other details are available as of yet. Hopefully, they get their writers and director on board soon. In the mean time, we wonder who would be a candidate to be Duke Nukem?


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