Korg Rubs Salt On Thor’s Love and Thunder Wounds

Best friends know each other best as Korg points out that Jodie, no, Jane Foster is the love that escaped Thor’s thunder. Truly, Korg knew Jane to be Thor’s old flame, the ex-girlfriend. She is the one that got away. The one that escaped.

A small clip of the movie circulated on twitter from @PhaseZeroCB not a day ago featuring Korg rubbing salt to Thor’s wounds. Indeed, it’s the friends who know each other the most that can tactlessly poke on emotions just bubbling on the surface. It’s no longer viewable now but a portion of that clip is included in the June 13 trailer that Marvel Studios released. Time stamp of the video below 0:15-0:19 featured Korg and Thor talking about Jane Foster.

Korg Rubs Salt On Thor’s Love and Thunder Wounds

In the above video the dialogue goes:

Thor: And Jane. The old ex-girlfriend.

Korg: Jodie Foster.

Thor: Jane Foster.

In the clip tweeted a few hours ago the scene continued with these lines:

Korg: The one that got away.

Thor: The one that got away. (then shows Jane talking to people in the room)

Korg: The one that escaped.

Thor: The one that escaped.

Korg: Must be hard for you to see your ex girlfriend and your ex hammer hanging out and getting along pretty well… (then shows Jane continuing to talk to people while playing with Mjolnir in one hand)

Korg Rubs Salt On Thor’s Love and Thunder Wounds

Korg, Thor, Love, Thunder

Image: Marvel Studios

By the scenes officially and unofficially teased we see the comedy of Thor: Love and Thunder. Director Taika Waititi who also happens to lend his voice to Korg, brings color ablaze again into Thor. Perhaps even more flair than how colorful Thor: Ragnarok was, it also features contrasting tones when the villains arrive. However, I think with that clip, it’s not only the villains who can inflict pain to the heroes.

It’s actually the bestfriends who have the capacity to inflict much pain in the heart of the heroes. Either by betrayal or in this case ripping your heart out right in front of your ex. It could also be possible that the jib is because Thor has been denying his feelings for Jane since finding out she is now Mighty Thor.

Official runtime of Thor: Love and Thunder is 1:58:34, just under 120 minutes including the end credits.

Who is worthy to possess the power of Thor?


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