Keanu Reeves Would Like To Be MCU’s Ghost Rider

From Neo, John Constantine, John Wick, BRZRKR, now Keanu Reeves would like to be Ghost Rider of the MCU, apparently ever since he was 10. While Marvel is the franchise where every actor would like to be in, fans would love to see Keanu Reeves in the MCU. Apparently, so does Reeves.

Jimmy Kimmel was able to get this juicy information from Reeves himself. In his show, The actor came to talk about what’s been keeping him busy lately.

Keanu Reeves Would Like To Be MCU’s Ghost Rider

Keanu Reeves came over as guest in Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote Volume 2 of his own comic book BRZRKR. Talking about comic books as to how he developed BRZRKR, he also spoke candidly about growing up with them. Because they were talking about comics, it was inevitable that they will touch the MCU. When Kimmel asked him what characters have Marvel offered him for the MCU before, Reeves went a bit shy. Sidestepping that question, Keanu Reeves said:

It’s really cool. I think the way that the Marvel films have developed and what they are is really spectacular. And it would be great to be part of that. 

Then, when Kimmel asked him what Marvel character would 10-year old Keanu want to be, at time stamp 6:45, Reeves said:

10-year old Reeves? I think he’d probably want to be Ghost Rider. 

Audience broke into an applause as this confirms Keanu Reeves is very much attuned to fans dreams. Reeves has been fan-cast into the MCU for any given character. Kimmel points out whenever there is a character coming up, people think of him in the role much like Ghost Rider, Prince Namor, Silver Surfer among others.

Keanu Reeves Would Like To Be MCU’s Ghost Rider

Keanu Reeves Would Like To Be MCU's Ghost Rider

Image: Lionsgate

It’s also not a secret that Marvel has truly been meaning to get him into their fold. The question remains: which character are they offering Reeves? Certain considerations are important as well. Of course, the star power that Reeves brings to the table ensures people will occupy seats on theaters. Possibly, again and again for any movie.

The current titles that Marvel has are very broad in range and possibilities. Thus, Reeves has his pick most likely. If he wants to do the grounded aspect of Marvel, there are characters within Hawkeye’s or Captain America’s arcs. Perhaps a character even in the Secret Wars. If he goes for the supernatural, he can indeed prepare for the hot flaming ride that awaits him as Ghost Rider. There is also the intergalactic arc where he can very well be a Celestial or maybe one of the Marvels.

There’s so much possibilities. He can really just take his pick for the MCU. We’ll be ready to buy the tickets.


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