Keanu Reeves Shares Thoughts About John Wick Director In SDCC

Keanu Reeves graces the Collider’s Directors on Directing Panel on SDCC where he shared his thoughts about John Wick director Chad Stahelski. Deadline reports the actor’s appearance actually started a banter as to the director liking to torture his leads. Stahelski was part of the panelists for Directors on Directing. He and John Wick star showed the first trailer of the movie from Lionsgate.

According to the report, Reeves was at the SDCC particularly for his comic book BRZRKR from Boom! Studios. The actor apologized for his intrusion:

Sorry to crash the party, they threw me out here.

The duo shared information about the making of the movie where they actually went to five destinations: Japan, America, Paris, Berlin and Jordan.

The trailer showed Japan and quite a number of fighting and action involving swords, archers with bow and arrows. It even featured the Eifel tower as the character John Wick’s winter backdrop to a scene. And of course, lots of dogs. We know how close dogs are to the eponymous retired assassin’s heart.

Keanu Reeves Shares Thoughts About John Wick Director In SDCC

In terms of action and close contact combat, Stahelski noted that there are a lot of nunchucks. He said:

Lot of nunchucks. We just love nunchucks.

To which, Keanu Reeves retorts:

I think you just like to torture your lead character.

The story picks up where the third movie left off. In the trailer, John Wick appears training, punching a roped pole.

Someone asks John

Have you given any thought to where this ends? No one, not even you, can kill everyone.

A bunch of action scenes take place presumably featuring the five locations cited. John Wick faces samurais, foes with guns and yes, as the director said, those with nunchucks. Laurence Fishburne’s voice, indicating his character Bowery King’s return for the fourth movie, asks

Are you ready, John?

To which, Wick replies…


Keanu Reeves Shares Thoughts About John Wick Director In SDCC

Keanu Reeves Shares Thoughts About John Wick Director In SDCC

Image: Lionsgate

Who would have known that John Wick’s story of taking revenge for his dog’s untimely death can lead him to this ordeal. He even lost a finger for his decisions in the prior movie. Lionsgate theatrically released the third movie on May 2019. The third movie churned out the biggest box office loot for the franchise. From a budget of $40M, the worldwide box office record is $325.7M. Collectively, the three movies totaling $110M actually generated over half a billion in the box office, specifically $573M.

Whether the fouth upcoming movie is the finale or not will of course depend on the numbers again. But hey! It’s Keanu Reeves!


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