KBS2’s If You Wish Upon Me Stars Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An

Kdrama fans are bracing themselves for KBS2’s upcoming series If You Wish Upon Me starring Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An. Soon to take the Wednesday-Thursday primetime slot of the network, If You Wish Upon Me depicts a story that a Dutch organization has inspired. The group that hails from the Netherlands fulfill the wishes of terminal cancer patients.

The upcoming drama series will focus on Yoon Gyeo Re (Ji), who is going through depression but finds solace in helping others’ wishes come true. In his tasks, Gyeo Re helps Ha Jun Kyung (Won) through a situation. This encounter results to Jun Kyung getting obsessed with Gyeo Re.

KBS2’s If You Wish Upon Me Stars Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An

KBS has just shared the first teaser for the drama and the show promises the need for a handy box of tissue every episode. KDrama World posted the video.

The video comes with the caption:

A young man, who is endangered at the end of his life, enters a hospice hospital on the order of community service and together with the hospital staff, listens to the last wishes of people at the end of their lives in a bright and cheerful way through various episodes.

The teaser begins with a medical professional asking Yoon Gyeo Re if he has ever been happy before. To which, he answers that he has not had anything like that in his life, not even once. The video then shows him questioning himself in despair on how he ended up as such. Wherein in the end of the video he goes through so much hardships and tribulations.

Yoon Gyeo Re finally says pleading in desperation:

Let me live a normal life like everyone else. Isn’t that okay?

Ji Chang Wook has been among the prominent names for lead actors in the Korean drama and movies industry. He is critically acclaimed for his portrayal of Emperor Ta Hwan in the internationally renowned Empress Ki opposite Ha Ji Won and Ju Jin-Mo. Ji’s more recent projects after his military enlistment are The Sound of Magic currently on Netflix as well as Lovestruck In The City co-starring Kim Ji-Won.

KBS2’s If You Wish Upon Me Stars Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An

KBS2, If You Wish Upon Me, Ji Chang Wook, Won Ji An

Image: KBS2 TV

Won Ji An is more of a newcomer in the drama industry who showcases promising acting chops for the drama. In just the last two years, she has three other acting credits to her name. These are Hope or Dope, A Year-End Medley and D.P.

Joining Ji Chang Wook and Won Ji An as cast for the upcoming drama are Soo Young Choi, Dong-il Sung and Hee-kyung Yang. The series is under the direction of Yong-wan Kim (The Cursed, Champion) and in Jo Young Soo’s (It’s Okay to Not be Okay, Jugglers) pen.

If You Wish Upon Me starts airing on August 10 at 9:50 p.m. Korean Standard Time.


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