Karate Kid Movie Kicks Off Theatrical Return In 2024

Latest news about the classic coming of age martial arts franchise, Karate Kid, cites June 7, 2024 as its date for a theatrical release. Audience interest has indeed dramatically grown due to its successful series Cobra Kai. The series brings the original characters back in focus with new generation Karate Kids. 

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka lead the ensemble of the comedy-drama series that jump-restarted the franchise first in YouTube. Then after two seasons, Cobra Kai transferred to Netflix. As the series directly follow and connect to the original movies of Robert Mark Kamen, it offered both nostalgic and fun vibe for fans old and new.

Karate Kid Movie Kicks Off Theatrical Return In 2024

Karate Kid Movie Kicks Off Theatrical Return In 2024

Image: Netflix

Incredibly, Cobra Kai is now on its fifth season. Definitely, the series run is testimony to the public’s interest and demand. Because of this, Sony’s Columbia Pictures most likely wants to pick this slice of pie up.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while there is no specified director or other details, the company describes the project as:

The return to the original Karate Kid franchise.

Whether Columbia Pictures will pick up where Cobra Kai is leaving off from Season 5 or a totally different story is still subject to discussion. Furthermore, ‘the return’ would also mean that they can focus on the Miyagi-Verse of the franchise. The original trilogy that truly defines the franchise.

In terms of translated production budget to worldwide box office, it’s still 1984 The Karate Kid that takes the lead. Even though the 2010 The Karate Kid generated $352M, its budget was $40M. Whereas, the very first movie clocked in more than ten times its budget of $8M to $91M in the worldwide box office.

Karate Kid Movie Kicks Off Theatrical Return In 2024

Karate Kid Movie Kicks Off Theatrical Return In 2024

Image: Columbia Pictures

Evidently, the story of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence is still growing to this day. Now the audience knows how the two grew up from the movies. Being the current mentors for new students expanded with focus on their personal relationships. The series broadened the scope of the story as it also introduced many new characters. 

Thus, the new movie could also focus on one of the newer characters. But that will still depend on the writing. And, should they base the movie from the current running series, they’ll be off to a good come back. Rotten Tomatoes reflects the first and fifth season with 100% approval rating. On average, the five seasons have 95%. Not bad indeed.

Nevertheless, with more than a year to go before their announced premiere date, anything can still happen.


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