Jonathan Frakes Wants To Direct JJ Abrams Star Trek 4

Star Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes, actor for Will Riker, Picard’s Number One, is willing to direct JJ Abrams’ Star Trek 4. As a long-time actor for the franchise, Frakes has also directed a number of episodes. Star Trek has truly become a much endearing part of his life that he reached out to JJ Abrams. In his communication, he stated that he is willing to helm the movie just to ensure it happens.

This information comes from an interview with There, the actor disclosed his Star Trek engagements. Besides being more visible in the third season of Picard, he also directs the upcoming Strange New Worlds/Lower Decks crossover episode. However, the most interesting information is his desire to direct the fourth JJ Abrams movie of Star Trek within the Kelvin Timeline.

Jonathan Frakes Wants To Direct JJ Abrams Star Trek 4

Jonathan Frakes Wants To Direct JJ Abrams Star Trek 4

Image: Paramount

Paramount has yet to announce a director for producer JJ Abrams’ fourth Star Trek movie in the Kelvin Timeline. This, after Matt Shakman bowed out of the production in favor of Marvel’s Fantastic Four. The studio has also removed the title from its upcoming movies after moving the release from June to December 2023. Now, it still has no release date.

In the interview, they discussed Frakes’ joke during the ComicCon. Frakes said:

I actually wrote to J.J. to say “If you need an experienced guy to take over Star Trek 4, I’m available. [laughs] He said, “You are certainly experienced.”

While he made the note in jest, he admitted he is certainly ready to take on a task in front or behind the lens. He further says:

Why wouldn’t I? It changed my life, this job. Both of my alleged careers have been blessed by having been part of this Star Trek family starting 35 years ago.

Jonathan Frakes Wants To Direct JJ Abrams Star Trek 4

Jonathan Frakes Wants To Direct JJ Abrams Star Trek 4

Image: 20th Century

However, no official talks have transpired from that exchange. Nevertheless, the actor remains optimistic about Star Trek’s future. Answering the question whether Abrams talked to him about helming, the actor responded:

Well no, that’s not going to happen, but I was fascinated when Tarantino wanted to do a Star Trek movie. And Noah Hawley too, I am a huge Fargo fan. His brain with our characters in our world, and what would Tarantino do? Just the idea of it is wild.

Frakes is a good option for JJ Abrams’ movie. His experience is not something easily set aside. In fact, the decades that he has been living and breathing Star Trek in will be truly insightful for a movie. They may not belong in the same timeline but Star Trek is Star Trek. There may be a growing number of people who doubt that the fourth movie will actually happen. But, with Frakes making this proposition, there is always that hope that it will. For those who are still hopeful, they don’t see any reason for Frakes to be able to delivery the movie less spectacularly.

Indeed, they need to boldly go where no man has done before. Make it so with Riker.


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