Jon Bernthal May Return As Punisher In MCU Daredevil

Fan’s are over the moon with the possibility of Jon Bernthal returning as Punisher for the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again in the MCU. Apparently, multiple industry insiders positively support this information. In fact, aside from appearing in Charlie Cox’s Daredevil series, Bernthal will have his own Punisher series also in Disney Plus.

In the YouTube channel Everything Always, All Fires shared Jon Bernthal is to appear in Daredevil: Born Again as Frank Castle aka Punisher.

Jon Bernthal May Return As Punisher In MCU Daredevil

Murphy’s Multiverse supports this rumor with its recent article. As it happens, talks also indicate that originally they planned for Kirsten Ritter’s Jessica Jones in the series but scheduling did not align for the production. Because Ritter could not make it for Daredevil: Born Again, they now have Jon Bernthal to bring Punisher into play.

Furthermore, they stated that Punisher will indeed come to Disney Plus with his own series. However, there will be a slight change in its delivery. For the Disney Plus series, the Punisher character will not have the same audience rating as it has with Netflix. This leaves a question regarding Bernthal’s expressed preference about the role. Prior to this, he has said that he will only take it on again if it’s true to the character. Not only that, he also said that as the character is very close to his heart, he only has intentions of portraying it as intrinsic as he has done before.

Jon Bernthal May Return As Punisher In MCU Daredevil

We all know how visceral Castle can be. Castle’s rage and intent on exacting justice can be brutal and we have seen this in the Netflix series. A way for MCU to bridge this is for him to be in the storyline that involves the dark supernatural themes. In the comics, the Punisher has teamed up with the Midnight Sons. According to All Fire, it’s possible he is being prepared for this in the MCU. This allows Disney Plus to have the character execute fights his way but towards supernatural villains instead of “grounded” bad guys.  Thus, Marvel can keep Castle within the rating fit for Disney Plus.

Until we get to see more of the Marvel characters from Netflix come into the MCU fold, we can only speculate as to the theme they will bring in Disney Plus. The most we can do for now is keep our eye peeled for clues. More importantly, watch out for indicators of their future appearances. Personally, I am always excited to hear about the Marvel former-Netflix series characters finally stepping into the MCU. I am thankful it’s more possible now than ever.


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