Joe Manganiello & Kyle Newman Helm Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

Joe Manganiello and Kyle Newman will direct a documentary of the epic tabletop game Dungeons & Dragons under Hasbro’s Entertainment One. This project is in line with the game’s celebration of its 50th anniversary in 2024. It will also be the year of the documentary’s release.

Manganiello is official ambassador to the game that Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson created. Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. published DnD in 1974. By 1997, Hasbro has been distributing the game through its subsidiary Wizards of the Coast.

Dungeons & Dragons, more popularly known as DnD,  is composed of any number of players with one whom they accept as their Dungeon Master. The other number of players take on unique characters. As a whole team, they all embark on a fantasy journey under the Dungeon Master’s storytelling. Characters interact, take on adventures, make decisions, as well as face, fail or overcome challenges. A key element of mystery is from the use of multisided dice. The dice answer or decide the fate or result of an event, a more or a decision or the like. Players amass powers through experience after every session that they carry to the next.

Joe Manganiello & Kyle Newman Helm Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

Joe Manganiello & Kyle Newman Helm Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

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Deadline reports that the documentary will use over 400 hours of archived footage since the 1970s. All of these belong to Manganiello’s, Newman and Adam F. Goldberg who have painstakingly worked to gain the exclusive rights. The documentary will also feature celebrities who have been avid players of the game. Officially, this will be the first time this much game history will be disclosed for a documentary.

Nick Manganiello joins his brother Nick in producing the documentary together with Anthony Savini and Cecily Tyler. Meanwhile, executive producers are Tara Long and Geno McDermott for Entertainment One with Dungeons & Dragons scholar Jon Peterson, Goldberg and Newman.

Entertainment One’s Head of Global Television, Michael Lombardo said:

I have had the pleasure of working in the past with Joe on True Blood among other projects and cannot think of a better more passionate person to dive headfirst into the world of Dungeons & Dragons from both a player and fan perspective. The addition of Kyle Newman, Nick Manganiello, and Jon Peterson also bring unique and multiple dimensions to the history we plan to document. As we approach 50 years of this incredible gaming universe, the time is right for an officially authorized telling of the game’s origins and current state of play to its passionate fan based from all walks of life and its global cultural impact.

Joe Manganiello & Kyle Newman Helm Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

Joe Manganiello & Kyle Newman Helm Dungeons & Dragons Documentary

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Director Manganiello is over the moon and cannot wait to commence the production of the documentary. His words:

I couldn’t be more proud and excited to get back behind the camera for another documentary, this time with the D&D dream team of Jon, Kyle, and my brother and producing partner Nick. I lived through the rise and fall and rise again of this legacy brand that has not only meant so much to me but has served as the fountainhead of creativity for an entire generation of writers, artists, and creative minds, influencing so much of our culture. None of this would have been possible without Nathan Stewart at Wizards of the Coast and my eternally supportive boss from the HBO/True Blood days, Michael Lombardo and the fantastic team at eOne.

Manganiello’s debut project as a director was 2014’s LA Bare. Also, a documentary that tackles the history, lives and culture of La Bare Dallas. As an actor he has 72 titles credited to his name including Utaar Kelvinson from the video game Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance, Mongrel in The Spine of Night and Deathstroke in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Plus, how much of a DnD geek does one have to be to portray himself and guest in 2019 TV Series The Big Bang Theory for an episode entitled The D &D Vortex?

On the other hand, Newman is quite busy adding other projects at present. He has an Untitled Vigilante Project, and a movie already in pre-production entitled Delinquents. Prior to his project 1Up, he has made music videos for Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey. All in all, IMDb lists 19 titles to his name as a director.

Advance Happy 50th Anniversary DnD!


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