Jason Bateman Bows Out Of Apple’s Project Artemis

Recent development reports Jason Bateman relinquishes his position as Director for Apple’s space race movie Project Artemis.

Deadline posts the article about the exit stating Bateman bowed out due to creative differences with These Pictures. These Pictures is the banner that Jonathan Lia and Keenan Flynn represents as producers together with Scarlet Johansson. The movie Artemis stars Marvel actors Johansson and Chris Evans.

Jason Bateman Bows Out Of Apple’s Project Artemis

Jason Bateman Bows Out Of Apple's Artemis

Image: Netflix

In the early stages of the movie development, everyone of course needs to see eye to eye from director, writer to producer. Apple got Artemis, a movie package earlier this year. Rose Gilroy has already written the screenplay. The visuals and delivery would be all up to the man on the helm and the ones that fund it.

Perhaps certain conditions of the storyline have different ways of interpretation and this affects what is doable. Someone’s gotta give. This time, Bateman became that man. Stepping aside would mean he can’t do what they want at the expense of sacrificing his own vision of the story. Nevertheless, Bateman and These Pictures have parted on a positive note. Both parties have resolved to be open to the opportunity of working together in a different and more suitable project in the future. These Pictures will now have to find a new captain to pilot their Artemis project.

While there is still not much detail about the movie, Avenger alumni Johansson and Evans are still on board. Audiences are looking forward to seeing the two together again. Moreover, they will be against a space backdrop that is quite reminiscent of some plotlines of their previous characters together. Not a lot of concepts float when one considers “space race”.  At the very least, it’s a flight run from one point escaping or saving a story element to be delivered to a next point. Challenges come in the way of the protagonists and they overcome all odds together.

Jason Bateman Bows Out Of Apple’s Artemis

Jason Bateman Bows Out Of Apple's Artemis

Image: Focus Features

Jason Bateman is also an actor on top of being an Emmy award winning director for the series Ozark. His noteworthy works as director cover the crime, drama with thriller and fantasy genre. Fans have long trusted his vision in direction style. It’s a given that fans trust that Bateman will be taking on other definitive projects. In fact, he is currently in pre-production for Here Comes the Flood a drama, romance character-driven, romance-heist movie with writer Simon Kinberg.


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