Jared Stern Talks of Possible DC League Of Super-Pets Sequel

Currently showing in theaters around the world, DC League Of Super-Pets already has director Jared Stern considering sequel possibilities.

An exclusive post from theDirect cites possible sequel stories for DC League Of Super-Pets from the director himself.

Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Krypto the Super-Dog, Kevin Hart as Ace the Bat-Hound, John Krasinski as Superman and Keanu Reeves as Batman, the movie focuses on the pet sidekicks saving their superhero owners. The villain of the movie is Kate McKinnon as Lulu the evil guinea pig.

The animated movie takes on the brighter side of the Justice League depiction. This time it’s the heroes that need saving. The ones to save them are their very own pets. At the very center of the the story is the comedic vibe and relationships they have as pet-friends and as pets to their owners.

Jared Stern Talks of Possible DC League Of Super-Pets Sequel

DC Super-Pets 2 Possible Sequel

Audiences and critics alike have positive views of the movie. It scores 71% in the Tomatometer with 106 reviews and 88% Audience Score at 500+ verified ratings. This is not an easy feat for an animated movie with a target audience that has a very specific view of their heroes. However, it appears to have captured the interest of those who have seen the film. Nevertheless, sequel greenlights will ultimately depend on box office digits. Unfortunately, according to Cinemablend, the movie is not up to a great start and its track isn’t that bright as well. With a reported $90M budget, the current ongoing worldwide box office returns of $43.8M is not very promising.

Still, there is the following weeks and the rest of the world who have yet to watch and appreciate the film. Stern, despite these numbers coming in, is hopeful and already considering possible sequels for the Super-Pets. He says:

We never want to jinx it. We don’t want to talk about sequels until this one comes out. But I hope it does well enough that there could be more because we love making it. We love this cast. I would love to work with them on anything again and we love the world. You know, wonderful artists on our film created such a cool, animated DC Universe.

Jared Stern Talks of Possible DC League Of Super-Pets Sequel

DC League of Super-Pets 2 Possible Sequel

Image: Warner Bros.

Speaking of the cool animated DC Universe, Stern wants to further explore the cities where these Super-Pets thrive. The director teases:

And we’re pretty much only in Metropolis and Krypton in this movie. And I would love to see what the Gotham City of this world is like and other parts of the world. So I hope we get the chance. But again, we never get ahead of ourselves. We just hope people love this one because it is a self-contained story that I think is a really strong and fun superhero movie origin story as it is but it does, it ends in a way that, if people want it, we’d love to make more.

Considering that the DC Justice League has more heroes in its roster, there is also a lot of room for other pets and other cities. Indeed, expansion of story can be truly promising for this self-contained universe.

Talking about the Super-Pets featured in the film, he explains:

…I know there are so many great Super-pets in the DC canon, and we could not fit them all in this movie. And we have a bunch and they’re great, you know, we chose the way we chose was sort of, you know, because for example, there’s the original Legion right in there with like, Comet and Beppo, and they’re awesome, but they were more Superman centric. And we thought, well, this is going to be an origin story for the Justice League’s pets and that’s what led us towards Ace and Merton and Chip, and then even still, we had to do like pets that you would find in a pet shelter because our story is an origin story of these shelter pets who get powers.

Jared Stern Talks of Possible DC League Of Super-Pets Sequel

DC Super-Pets 2 Possible Sequel

Image: Warner Bros.

One particular Super-Pet, Jumpa, is absent or not even mentioned in the movie. As a pet of Wonder Woman, fans had to ask and he replied:

For Jumpa fans, Sorry, I couldn’t quite explain why there is a kangaroo in a Metropolis shelter. And there are just so many other great super-pets that I won’t mention because I don’t want to spoil which ones are in our in the movie, but so, I hope if I was making more stuff, I just I have ideas for a bunch of them that we couldn’t even fit in this one. I think that would be fun.

The movie actually ends in a way that it can accommodate a sequel. In Jared Stern’s perception, it’s all in the hands of the audience whether the sequel will even see the light of day. On a lighter side, the movie does offer a different take on well-loved characters. The funny dynamics between the characters could even be reason why people would come back and watch more.

Let us hope that the rest of the Super-Pets get the chance to tell their stories and hopefully expand their world as well.


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