James Gunn To Appear In Harley Quinn Show Season 3

One of the best and happiest news we’ve read so far is Patrick Schumacker saying that James Gunn will appear in Harley Quinn Show Season 3.

Fans of the show delight with the fact that the animated series is now in HBO Max. In addition to the upcoming Harley Quinn Show is its spin-off series Noonan’s. Noonan’s is a new series in development that we truly hope gets to see the light of day. It’s a “Cheers” version of an animated series focusing on villains.

The villains hang out at Kite Man’s newly acquired bar named “Noonan’s”.

Slashfilm reports that Schumacker is well under way and season 3 of Harley Quinn show is coming “soon”. The first two seasons of Harley Quinn originally featured in DC Universe 2019 and 2020, respectively. After the launch of the second season, the studio greenlights a third season for the series.

James Gunn To Appear In Harley Quinn Show Season 3

James Gunn To Appear In Harley Quinn Show Season 3

Image: HBO Max

The announcement was made together with the statement that the program will be moved to HBO Max. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently already available in HBO Max.

DC has been performing very well in their animated series. The quirky, re-imagined personalities of the villains are very refreshing especially in their interaction with each other. With an average of 94% on the Tomatometer and 88% average Audience Score, Harley Quinn is testimony to good story writing indeed. Harley Quinn has Kaley Cuoco’s voice and she is expected to keep lending her voice in the following season.

The rest of the voice cast for regular characters of the show are:

  • Lake Bell for Poison Ivy
  • Alan Tudyk for Clayface
  • Ron Funches for King Shark
  • Tony Hale for Dr. Psycho
  • Matt Oberg for Kite Man
  • Jason Alexander for Sy Borgman
  • Christopher Meloni for Commissioner Gordon
  • Diedrich Bader for Batman
James Gunn To Appear In Harley Quinn Show Season 3

Image: HBO Max

In a recent news from SXSW, the Not Kidding Around: Warner Bros. Animation and the Reimagining of Iconic Characters for an Adult Audience panel, where Warner Bros. executives as well as co-creator Patrick Schumacker answered questions about the upcoming animated projects, Schumacker reveals that the Season 3 of Harley Quinn is coming soon.

Furthermore, Schumacker also shares that James Gunn will be making an appearance in Season 3. He teased:

He (James Gunn) is playing himself, and is directing a movie about Thomas Wayne

Imagine James Gunn in the animated series Harley Quinn!

Its truly exciting and we are even more looking forward to watching the new instalments to Harley’s misadventures.


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