James Gunn Plans For Games As Part Of The DC Universe

James Gunn has big plans for the DC Universe, and its scope also includes video games which is beyond what Marvel Studios has done.

Marvel Studios has done the incredible with their franchise. Like them or not, they have made a franchise span from movies, TV shows and animation fit into one universe. This is something that Stan Lee always wanted. A unified universe on different platforms.

Although Marvel’s video games have been successful like Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. their games are not any way related to the MCU. Video games has been somewhat separate from Marvel Cinematic Universe. They exist in their own universe, but they are only canon to the MCU because of the multiverse.

It seems that Gunn has admitted that DC Studios has the ambition of including games into the DC Universe. Now, this is even more encompassing.

James Gunn Plans For Games As Part Of The DCU

Gunn himself is very active answering questions on Twitter. He doesn’t answer all the time, but he does what he can. Even though he’s busy these days, he tries to find the time to connect with fans. Gunn revealed that animation projects will be part of the DCU. So, one fan asked, if video games will also be part of that. He simply answered yes.

That is amazing news especially for gamers like me. Fans of DC related games had some good titles, but not a lot. Most memorable ones are the Batman Arkham series. This included Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Knight and the spinoff game Batman: Arkham Origins. The Injustice fighting games were also incredible. This even prompted a new series of comics too. DC Universe Online is still a strong and active game today even though it released since 2011.

But we do have to admit that good DC games are very far in-between. The recent Gotham Knights had a very good premise, but the execution has been a bit questionable with mixed reviews. People are excited about the upcoming 2023 games Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Mainly because Rocksteady Games made them. The gaming world knows Rocksteady as the makers of the main Batman: Arkham series.

Now we wonder, how does DC Studios plan to get video game projects become part of the DCU? Especially, if they try to do something like the MCU that has a connected universe and story lines crossing over one another.

James Gunn Plans For Games As Part Of The DCU

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Video game development has been hard to keep on schedule regardless of how much budget you have. We rarely get to hear a project being released on time. Even Nintendo delays several of their projects. Project delays are pretty much a norm in the video game industry. Marvel solves project delays by moving all projects to a later date, so it won’t conflict with its grand story telling. Will DC Studios move other projects like TV and movies if a game gets delayed?

Also, intertwining video games and movies hasn’t had the best results. It usually leaves general movie goers scratching their heads when plot lines relate to a video game the company released. Moviegoers who are also gamers is a niche market.

But James Gunn had some significant video game experience with titles like Lollipop Chainsaw, LocoCycle and Belko VR: An Escape Room Experiment. We wonder if this experience would help him work on video game projects to build the DC Universe.

It would be amazing if DC Studios could pull this off. If they can, it would be amazing. Furthermore, it’ll be one that they will be leading.


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