James Gunn Assures Peacemaker Season 2 Stays On Solid

Twitterverse asked director James Gunn about Peacemaker Season 2 and the showrunner answered for fans to calm down. Amidst the deep clean that DC and DCEU is currently undergoing, fans became anxious about Peacemaker 2. As they know Gunn is pretty active and responsive in twitter, they take to the platform to know what’s actually up.

Thankfully in Gunn’s reply fans are actually notified that the sequel to the series is safe and they can be at ease.

James Gunn Assures Peacemaker Season 2 Stays On Solid

@TomMCJL tweeted the question

Is Peacemaker Season 2 safe?

As of writing, the tweet has 13 Retweets and 444 Likes. Notably, James Gunn’s reply has more:

Yes, guys, calm down.

Gunn’s reply has 501 Retweets and 2,845 Likes.

Despite the confidence and what assurance it offers, fans couldn’t help but worry. Considering that Batgirl, which is already a fully filmed movie on the final stages of post production, got Warner Bros. Discovery pulling its multimillion dollar plugs. DC fans can’t help but wonder what is in store for The World’s Finest. A lot of them are still having difficulty wrapping their minds around the fact that they won’t be seeing even a split second of Batgirl on screen big or small.

It does seem that Warner Bros. Discovery top brass Chief David Zaslav, newly installed film chiefs Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy have rolled up their sleeves. They are curating the current running projects on which ones will go forward and which ones will take the high road. One can check what is common among those that got the red card. Those that seem to still have the green light are mostly the ones with a strong creator with a clear idea for story progression. The universe that Matt Reeves has started with Robert Pattinson would seem safe. Thus James Gunn’s Suicide Squad and Peacemaker would also be.

James Gunn Assures Peacemaker Season 2 Stays On Solid

James Gunn Assures Peacemaker Season 2 Stays On Solid

Image: HBO Max

Batgirl has been on the drawing board for years even before the pandemic. Director Joss Whedon was supposed to helm the film way back 2017. Series of events happen that made the company consider to get a female director for the film, which also did not pan out. At the time, Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson was on board for a new screenplay. By 2020, the project shifted its end product focus to HBO streaming. A year after that is when Directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah got on board. It seems the DC heroine would have to wait for another shot, hopefully soon. Maybe a writer-director who has the heart for Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl could be out there with a great idea on how to introduce her to the silver screen.

James Gunn’s confident response to the query about Peacemaker 2 is indeed a relief for the fans. We also hold on to it that the series received its greenlight after the eventful merger happened to become Warner Bros. Discovery. While some projects are still afloat in limbo, at least the creator of Peacemaker is peacefully going on his regular day.


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