Jake Gyllenhaal To Star And Produce Rob Liefeld’s Prophet

Almost a year after the announcement the Jake Gyllenhaal will star in Rob Liefeld’s Prophet, the creator now shares Gyllenhal will also be producing. Updates from Liefeld also indicate that the project is developing well. From Spider-Man: Far From Home, Gyllenhal takes another character from the comic books. Mean while, Liefeld is now in position to have another character start its franchise hopefully similar to Deadpool’s achievements.

ComicBook.com via ActioNewz.com shared that Liefeld updated the progress of the production with very promising details.

Jake Gyllenhaal To Star And Produce Rob Liefeld’s Prophet

Jake Gyllenhaal To Star And Produce Rob Liefeld's Prophet

Image: Image Comics

Liefeld created Prophet under Image Comics, first appearing in Youngblood #2 in 1992. The comics centered on John Prophet, a homeless man in World War II. At the time, Prophet volunteered to participate in medical experiments that Dr. Horatio Wells conducted. Apparently, this doctor is a time traveler and he transformed Prophet into a supersoldier through DNA-enhancing methods.

While a lot of people point out that the powers and its origin for Prophet is similar to Captain America and the Winter Soldier, he still grew his own fanbase. In fact, the possibility for a movie has always been there since the mid90s supposedly from Tristar Pictures. Years later, Studio 8 acquired the rights and has since looked into getting it done. In 2020, the studio announced Marc Guggenheim will write the script. Then 2021, they got Gyllenhaal as the lead and Sam Hargrave as director.

Guggenheim’s ability comics to live action projects include DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow. Thus, his ability to transform comics to script for live action is reputable to say the least. Meanwhile, Hargrave has Extraction and Extraction 2 under his belt. Hargrave has a keen eye for action and this will be instrumental for Prophet. Prime Universe Films representative Adrian Askarieh, Liefeld, Brooklyn Weaver joins Studio 8’s Jeff Robinov and John Graham in producing the movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal To Star And Produce Rob Liefeld’s Prophet

Jake Gyllenhaal To Star And Produce Rob Liefeld's Prophet

Image: Getty Images

The recent update from Rob Liefeld shows Gyllenhaal getting more involved in the series than being the lead role. According to the creator:

Jake has come on as a producer. The draft that is being completed right now is a polish of the second act. There was one sequence that was added, that everyone was like ‘How did we never think of that?’ Prophet is like…I wish I could share the screenplay with everybody. It’s that old adage: if it’s not on the page, it’s not on the screen.

Marc Guggenheim, his draft got us Sam Hargrave, got us Jake Gyllenhaal. That’s how good the paper is…but we always knew, Jake was always making Road House right now. Sam was never going to be done with Extraction 2, even a year ago, there was an additional 13, 14 months. So we’re extremely excited.

I am super excited, I don’t want to jinx it, but it is a big deal.

Rob Liefeld may not have any announcements as to the casting for the rest of the ensemble with Jake Gyllenhaal and the release date for Prophet but things are truly progressing.


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