Is The Doctor Strange 2 Post-Credits Leak Real?

There have been Doctor Strange 2 leaks about the post-credits scenes. The question is, are they real.

As the movie gets closer, a lot of fans are craving for information on what’s coming in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. We’ve read different versions of the possible stories, a ton of possible cameos. There are already reports of Professor X with Patrick Stewart which started as rumors and leaks, but is now confirmed to be returning. The same thing can be said with Tom Cruise showing up as an Iron Man variant. Now, even the creator of Superior Iron Man is excited to see the movie. 

So, what did we hear this time?

Movie News Plus has posted detailed descriptions on twitter of the mid-credits and post-credits scene, which is quite interesting. 

Is The Doctor Strange 2 Post-Credits Leak Real? Doubtful.

Is The Doctor Strange 2 Post-Credits Leak Real? Doubtful.

Image: Marvel Studios

The mid credits scene follows Doctor Strange:

[Doctor] Strange is sleeping after the events of Multiverse of Madness and…has a nightmare where he sees…himself training an apprentice, a ruined New York City, a dead Wong, Dormammu’s sister Umar, and a glimpse of Kang the Conqueror. He then wakes up with a third eye and hears the voice of Clea (played by Charlize Theron), saying ‘Help Me’.

We’ve actually heard this before back in October 2021. But this is the first time that we’ve gotten more details. The identical part is Clea calling out for help and getting that third eye. So, two reports make it seem more credible. While most of the information here is new. Like the ruined city, the apprentice, a dead wong. To learn of Umar is interesting, it means that it might be getting back to the dark dimension. This may even lead to Kaecilius who was the main villain of the first movie.

We know about Kang the Conqueror. He already is expected to show up in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as the main villain. We already saw a variant of him in Loki known as He Who Remains. But does this mean that Doctor Strange may have a part in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp sequel?

The post-credit scene now follows the fourth wall breaking mutant:

Deadpool, along with Cable, Domino, and Vanessa, are exploring the Illuminati facility due to the Illuminati’s multiversal gates being left open after the Wanda fight. Deadpool is joking with the bodies of some members including making a reference to The Office. Deadpool then makes a joke/4th wall break about Patrick Stewart’s Professor X being dead again for the 3rd time.

Is The Doctor Strange 2 Post-Credits Leak Real? Doubtful.

Is The Doctor Strange 2 Post-Credits Leak Real? Doubtful.

Image: 20th Century Studios

It’s fascinating to hear that Deadpool and the rest of the team might show up. It would be wonderful to see Josh Borlin back in the MCU, but this time as a different character. While Domino, played by Zazie Beetz, is just here along for the ride. Seeing Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin alive and well is good news too. This only means the time traveling ending of Deadpool 2 did happen. 

Does this mean that the entire cast of Deadpool are the only ones who get to retain themselves while jumping from 20th Century to Disney? 

Ryan Reynolds has been denying his appearance in the movie, but we all know that denying is a common thing when actors are involved in the MCU. But we are sure that Marvel Studios has been working around the clock making sure that every cameo that can be done will be done with this movie. So, if Ryan Reynolds wants to do a cameo, Marvel will try to fit it in. 

With all of this fascinating news, we should still take this with a grain of salt. Even though it may sound plausible, I think we should be cautious about this. I know it’s exciting to hear Deadpool jumping in the MCU, and more stories from Clea and Dormammu. But we need to restrain our emotions. We would like to hear the news from our trusted sources. 


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