Is Jason Momoa Going To Be Steve In The Minecraft Movie?

Jason Momoa is in talks with Warner Bros to star in possibly a live-action or animated movie about the sandbox video game Minecraft.

The Ankler reports that the studio is keen on finally developing the franchise. This is due to the fact that the rights they have acquired will expire in January 2023. That is, if they don’t start a project by then. According to the article, Jared Hess has also come on board for the project.

Is Jason Momoa Going To Be Steve In The Minecraft Movie?

Is Jason Momoa Going To Be Steve In The Minecraft Movie

Image: Mojang

We have yet to receive word as to the project’s premise, let alone more production plans. The movie is still in development and is also yet to announce its writer.

Minecraft is an open world of blocks and cubes that Markus “Notch” Persson created. It fosters creative interaction among players whether in a community or as a solo game. The players do everything in the “edgy” world such as dig, chop wood, fish, build houses, hunt and even fight monsters and beasts. All activities are based on the pace set by the player himself. Players can set different modes of the game if they just want to be creative or to explore. The main character is Steve. A female character is named Alex. They fight monsters, create everything and anything under the square sun, or moon, depending on the player’s preference.

A generation or two of Minecraft players grew up with the game eversince its first public release in 2009. By its full release in 2011, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten took over the development of the game. It has since been ported to other platforms and expanded from the first sandbox game into other versions.

Murphy’s Multiverse reported that originally, the movie that Warner Bros was developing would follow a female protagonist alongside a group of adventurers who’d set out to defeat the Ender Dragon as he broke free from the End and into the overworld. In their report, the film has seen multiple directors like Peter Sollet and Rob Mcelhenney. At one point, Steve Carrel was also supposed to star.

We wonder if they are trying an action-adventure angle with Steve as the main character of the movie. Jason Momoa is then going to be Steve. It’s unclear whether they are pushing through with a live-action or an animated movie for the project. Although, for Minecraft, it seems more natural to consider animated version. It will showcase the original charm of Minecraft itself. Being a world of cubes and blocks, it would be interesting to see how Steve in Momoa’s voice would go about his adventures in the world.

Is Jason Momoa Going To Be Steve In The Minecraft Movie?

Is Jason Momoa Going To Be Steve In The Minecraft Movie

Image: Telltale Games

Visually, if animated, it can be more faithful to the original source. They can even have the monsters in the movie without difficulty. Creepers, skeletons and even the zombie versions of Steve could be there.  We sincerely keep our eyes into this project and hope that it truly pushes through. Live action or animated version, it’s going to be a true treat for those who’ve been with the videogame since its beta years.

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