Is David Tennant’s Kilgrave Back In Marvel?

We don’t know how, but apparently there is a good chance that David Tennant will be back in Marvel as Kilgrave.

We know the Marvel series on Netflix is counting down their days in the platform.

News has been going around that the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, will keep elements and stories that work.

Certain actors satisfy what Feige thinks works.

Is David Tennant Going to Reprise His Kilgrave for Marvel?

Is David Tennant’s Kilgrave Back In Marvel?

Image: Netflix

David Tennant’s Kilgrave is one formidable psychological villain for Kirsten Ritter’s Jessica Jones.

You can still catch 3 Seasons on Netflix until the end of February.

He is remarkable as Kilgrave.

The character obsesses about Jessica Jones.

However, Tennant was able to relay varied sides to the character.

Very well so that you feel bad he wasn’t saved from himself.

Jessica Jones was able to defeat him, but has she truly entirely?

She was able to rid the world of one villain but somehow he still had influence in her thoughts.

Re-introducing Kilgrave will not be difficult.

This is because the MCU is deeply weaving the narratives for the multiverse and parallel timelines.

The narratives even also include variants.

If Jessica Jones will have a soft reboot, Kilgrave will be in the story.

Even if they continue where they left off, Kilgrave still haunts Jessica’s thoughts in crucial, even emotional moments.

Whether Kilgrave is alive or just in her mind, David Tennant has a solid way back into the Marvel fold.

It is very interesting that heroes have a match that have polar opposites to their powers.

Jessica Jones is a woman with super strength.

David Tennant Eyed to Reprise Kilgrave for Marvel

Is David Tennant’s Kilgrave Back In Marvel?

Image: Netflix

She even used to be the super hero that goes by the name Jewel in the comics.

Kilgrave controls people with his mind.

Jones’ personal discovery to re-discover is hugely attributed to her physical and psychological battle with Kilgrave.

A story about Jessica Jones without Kilgrave will be incomplete.

People can consider Kilgrave as Jessica Jones’ anti-thesis.

If there is ever going to be a series for Jessica Jones, they best start it with Kilgrave again.


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