Henry Cavill May Return As Superman In The Flash

DC Superhero fans will be pleased to hear that Henry Cavill may very well return in The Flash movie as Superman.

In an article that Giant Freakin Robot (grain of salt at the ready) posted :

…there’s a possibility we could see Henry Cavill suit back up in the role for The Flash. It could make for a glorious return to the character and maybe even set the record straight on his character moving forward. 

It’s quite geek knowledge that Henry Cavill likes geek culture characters. Characters such as a superhero, a film adaptation of a game primary player are really right up his alley.

Thus, we don’t think Henry Cavill will need a lot of convincing to don the Kryptonian insignia again. He can very well fit into the blue suit and red cape one more time for The Flash movie.

Henry Cavill May Return As Superman In The Flash

Henry Cavill May Return As Superman In The Flash

Image: Warner Bros.

The Flash is Warner Bros’ take on the Multiverse.

According to GFR, there may be pick up shoots that will require Superman to be truly a part in Flash’s movie story as well. Could it be the reason why the release dates are once again moved back to a later date? Could Kal-El yet appear in The Flash to strengthen the Justice League continuity for the film?

After Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Cavill embraced the character Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. Two of his current projects have entered Post-Production. These are Enola Holmes 2 and Argylle. People are even testing waters for Cavill to be part of an upcoming Highlander film.

Without question, Cavill brings the “book” guns whenever he takes on a role. Expect that he will have devoured all literary pieces of existence in connection to his current role. If ever, he becomes Superman again, he will maintain justice to the role splendidly.

Henry Cavill May Return As Superman In The Flash

Henry Cavill May Return As Superman In The Flash

The initial plan was actually to use existing shots of Superman from Man of Steel for The Flash movie. The shots were supposed to align the movie with the context that the Justice League still exists.

However, certain developments with The Flash movie seem to require new scenes with the Kryptonian for the film. It fortifies the presence of Ben Afleck’s Batman as well even though Michael Keaton will also appear as the Caped Crusader.

Should this truly happen, at least Henry Cavill’s Superman can get a better more recent feature within the DC Extended Universe. I think the studio owes Superman at least a better cameo than that of a hovering silhouette. Let alone one that is late for the party.

Besides, who doesn’t want to see Cavill in all Superman glory again?


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