HBO Max’s Constantine Initial Story Details

DC’s Constantine is coming to HBO Max streaming service and very recent updates share initial story details.

An update on the HBO Max version of DC’s Constantine comes from Murphy’s Multiverse. HBO Max and Bad Robot is developing a reboot about the Hellblazer. J.J. Abrams is the showrunner with UK writer Guy Bolton as the series’ writer.

HBO Max’s Constantine Initial Story Details

HBO Max's Constantine Initial Story Details

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The series will have 8 episodes that tackle horror, supernatural and urban action in the city of London. Casting for a character named “Akara” and “Pich” are currently under way. Akara is to be a 10-year old Cambodian girl with her grandfather named Pich. She will be the centerpiece of an elaborate story that will flip John Constantine’s world.

A leading candidate for the actual character pertained to Akara is Astra Logue from the Hellblazer comics. Astra Logue is the child John Constantine accidentally sent to hell. Growing up she became one of the most powerful individuals in the underworld.

It’s not clear as to how much of the comics that the showrunners will adapt into the series. The projects is under the working title “Blood Work” and the production will work under the title “Chimney”. Production is on schedule as it will start later this year. Once all goes according to plan, they will run until February next year. The identified filming sites are in London and Morocco.

They do not have an actor for the titular role as of posting this article. Moreover, production has expressed they are open to diverse casting.

HBO Max’s Constantine Initial Story Details

HBO Max's Constantine Initial Story Details

Image: The CW

Online reactions to this casting announcement are either on-the-fence or unfavorable. This is particularly because fans are very happy with how Matt Ryan portrays John Constantine. As evidenced by his returning performances from the Arrowverse as well as voice performances for DC Showcase: Constantine – The House of Mystery, Justice League Dark: Apokolips War, Constantine: City of Demons, and Justice League Dark. Some fans have even expressed that if it isn’t Ryan then they aren’t interested. However, it would still be interesting to see their version of the Hellblazer John Constantine. Having a more diverse cast can also be beneficial.

More details will be coming soon about this new series in development for HBO Max from Bad Robot.


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