HBO Max Shows First Look On Mindy Kaling’s South Asian Velma

Mindy Kaling showed the first look on her South Asian Velma for HBO Max in the recent Warner Bros Discovery Upfront presentation. She further stood by the reinvention of the character saying:

Hopefully you noticed my Velma is South Asian. If people freak out about that, I don’t care. If a dog can solve crimes then Velma can be brown.

Kaling’s presentation of the upcoming adult animation for HBO Max included a first look of the Scooby-Doo spinoff. A picture of an animated scene in what looks like a changing room or a girls’ locker room showed a girl dead on the floor with her head horrifyingly sawed open showing an empty skull. Apparently this will be how gory the series will be as Velma solves actual murder mysteries.

HBO Max Shows First Look On Mindy Kaling’s South Asian Velma

The origin story of Velma Dinkley is rewritten to portray her as South Asian. Warner Bros. Animation has Charlie Grandy, Howard Klein and Sam Register as executive producers of the series. Kaling will do Velma’s voice and will also produce the adult animation.

Award-winning actress and producer Mindy Kaling accepted HBO Max’s order for the Scooby-Doo spinoff last year. Initial reactions say that making Velma into a studious Asian nerd actually plays into the stereotypes. Reactions she said was a lot of “So not Velma!” or “Not the classic Velma that I’m always thinking about.

However, after this first look, spectators mostly comment about the big difference it has from the original Scooby-Doo. The way the scene shot pre-tells how extreme it will be as compared to the classic cartoons. Questions rose as to why take Velma so far from the concept of the original series came in more than her being South Asian.

Two main points of the skepticism are:

  1. The very striking graphic illustration of the murder in the forefront of the scene capture. It was very in-your-face view and truly gave a shock among the audience.
  2. The apparent nakedness of one or more girls in the locker room. Most reactors assume to be Daphne. For some commenters, it seemed like the show is telling them if they want to see naked animated women, this is the show to watch.

HBO Max Shows First Look On Mindy Kaling’s South Asian Velma

HBO Max Shows First Look On Mindy Kaling's South Asian Velma

Image: NBC

There are even reactions that ask if there really is a need for this spinoff in the first place? Prospective viewers also have the common idea that if they wanted this series to be this adult rated, they shouldn’t have involved Scooby-Doo in it in the onset.

Much of the reactions are particular towards the gore of the scene. It could also be just for the presentation to show some shock factor, in which case Kaling succeeded in shocking her prospective audience. As with any new project that is about to show, I’d like to believe in giving this a chance first. Then ultimately let the series speak for itself. Definitely, traction is already starting for the show considering a lot of online activities are directed to its discussion.

When people share what they think about a project, it would just equate to engagement and engagement usually signify interest.


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