HBO Max Passes Up JJ Abrams Constantine Series

HBO Max passed up the chance to be the home of JJ Abrams’ Constantine series which writer Guy Bolton will pen. This pass includes another project from the director featuring another DC Comics character Madame X with Angela Robinson to run the show.

Definitely a setback on his plans which should have been under the existing agreement between his Bad Robot and Warner Bros. Television. However, it appears that HBO is looking at a newer adaptation and is no longer interested in Abrams’ adaptation. A report from Deadline states however that this does not mean the two projects won’t exactly see the light of day. In fact, Abrams is set to “shop” the series to other platforms starting next week. Audiences may still get the chance to see the two projects but on other platforms, streaming or another.

HBO Max Passes Up JJ Abrams Constantine Series

HBO Max Passes Up J.J. Abrams Constantine Series

Image: DC Comics

Back in April, we reported that the production may have already found its Constantine in Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù. 

In the comics, Constantine is a character belonging to DC’s Justice League Dark Universe. The series itself will focus more on the horror aspects of the comics source rather than its religious facets. Nearly two years, Abrams has been developing the series to tackle the supernatural as well as urban horror and action. In Bolton’s writing, the series features a girl with her grandfather at the center of the story. Primarily, Warner Bros. took interest on the developing series because it will be different from the one that starred Matt Ryan.

J.J. Abrams has his adaptation of Constantine with the potential to introduce Justice League Dark. Constantine series is to open the doors for the team. The series is reportedly to be followed by a movie featuring Zatanna and the abovementioned series Madame X. Notably, recent reports also do not bode well for the Zatanna movie either.

Considering Netflix has DC’s The Sandman and Lucifer in its streaming library, it’s possible that Abrams’ Constantine summons himself there as a new resident. Bolton is in position as executive producer and showrunner. More importanly, he has written four scripts into the series. As for Madame X, they already have a pilot script. Abrams and Rachel Rusch Rich are executive producers for Bad Robot on Constantine and Madame X.

HBO Max Passes Up JJ Abrams Constantine Series

HBO Max Passes Up J.J. Abrams Constantine Series

Image: Paramount

We all know what they say when the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window. It may also be fitting for Constantine given the nature of his storyline. But then again, Warner Bros. Discovery is overhauling its line up of projects. What is evident lately is their focus on projects that have the potential to connect to the bigger DCEU. Either Abrams’ Constantine series is too early or too late. Let us hope it’s not the latter.

Besides, Abrams’ Bad Robot is also connected to the newest production of Constantine too. The one that will be released in theaters bringing Keanu Reeves back for the role as the project will be a sequel to the 2005 movie. Perhaps this move of HBO Max is a strategic step for Warner Bros. Discovery. Who knows?


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