HBO Max Greenlights Season 2 for Peacemaker

Peacemaker Season 2 has its greenlights on from HBO Max a day before Season 1 Finale even starts streaming.

Approaching its Series Finale, Peacemaker secures its second season ensuring John Cena’s return to portray Christopher Smith.

James Gunn created the television series spin-off from The Suicide Squad of 2021 for the streaming service HBO Max.

Christopher Smith/Peacemaker ends up joining A.R.G.U.S. squad “Project Butterfly“.

In an interview feature in Variety, James Gunn describes Peacemaker:

…he’s not an evil person, he’s just a bad guy. He seems sort of irredeemable in the film. But I think that there’s more to him. We didn’t get a chance to know him [in “The Suicide Squad”] in the way we get to know some of the other characters. And so that’s what the whole show is about. I needed eight episodes to do it, at least.

The 8 episodes told about Peacemaker’s childhood, unconventional way of thinking and journey to belonging.

All of which on top of fighting an unearthly enemy bent to conquer the world.

Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, Jennifer HollandSteve Agee, and Robert Patrick dance join the dance with Cena as cast.

Peacemaker Greenlit for Season 2 on HBO Max

HBO Max Greenlights Season 2 for Peacemaker

Image: HBO Max

With an average tomatometer of 95%, audience average score of 87%, Critics Consensus:

John Cena’s still in solid form in Peacemaker, leading a bloody good time that gives writer-director James Gunn full permission to let his freak flag fly.

Several reviews note John Cena’s superb portrayal of the role.

James Gunn himself practically got inspired with Cena’s acting chops and got to work on the 8-episode script while working on the Suicide Squad.

The is no limit to an artist who is inspired.

James Gunn is set to write and direct all of the episodes in Season 2.

John Cena will reprise the role of Christopher Smith.

The “#1 new original streaming series for social engagement on Twitter” will come back with fuller peace.

John Cena confirms:

Learning about and eventually becoming #PEACEMAKER was an exercise in exploring the fun and absolutely genius mind of @JamesGunn. It’s been a privilege to work on this show and with the cast, crew and @hbomax team. Elated to say we’ll be back to create more peace for Season ✌️!

HBO Max Greenlights Season 2 for Peacemaker

Image: HBO Max

Considering that the show ran together with another popular franchise featuring not 1 but 2 characters in helmets, Peacemaker proved that fleshed out writing on character development is still important to viewers.

The series comes with an impression of dark if not shallow comedy but as the episodes progressed, we see layers of Peacemaker’s struggles.

We also see the development of his dynamics with the team.

Christopher may be racist but that is because of his childhood with his father.

Peacemaker does try to do better by the by.

The season ended with the team appearing disbanded and going on with their separate lives.

However, who is to say they will stay that way?


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