Hasbro Delivers Official Trailer Of Transformers Rise Of The Beasts

YouTube channel Hasbro Pulse delivers the official trailer of Transformers Rise Of The Beasts and now fans can’t wait to see the movie. Many familiar characters got their fitting introduction in the trailer. Fans hyped themselves upon seeing Optimus Primal facing Optimus Prime. More characters got their feature in the two minute trailer. Already, viewers can’t help but notice how awesome the Autobots and Maximals look in the live-action adaptation. Right off the bat, we are happy to see Mirage, Arcee, Rhinox, Cheetor, and of course, Bumblebee.

Hasbro Delivers Official Trailer Of Transformers Rise Of The Beasts

As expected, comments come in a range of being hopeful to excited for the upcoming movie. A lot of early reactions appreciate that the alien robots still look a lot like the first movies. Another positive point is that they had simpler transformations. Another prevailing observation is that Bumblebee is keeping his recent look. Although undeniably, the latter movies disappointed a lot of the Transformers franchise fans. However, that last movie featuring Bumblebee with Hailee Steinfeld and Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is an exception.

In fact, many wish that the upcoming movie would follow the footsteps of the 2018 Bumblebee movie. Where, the movie focused on story other than special and polished effects. Meanwhile, the familiar characters truly impressed viewers of the trailer. Other than Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal, the trailer showcased Mirage, Arcee, Cheetor among the Maximals and Autobots. Of course, fans hope to see the Predacons in the movie as well.

There is also the prevailing appreciation that the trailer did not tell or share much of the story. However, Beast Wars fans got very nostalgic and wished the movie had Garry Chalk on board to provide Primal’s voice. Other than that, everyone in the comment section just can’t wait.

Hasbro Delivers Official Trailer Of Transformers Rise Of The Beasts

Hasbro Delivers Official Trailer Of Transformers Rise Of The Beasts

Image: Paramount

IMDb lists Transformers: Rise of the Beasts simply as a sci-fi action and adventure movie. Further showing that its plot is still under wraps. Which is a good thing actually. The movie indeed features characters from the computer generated animated series Transformers Beast Wars. In that spin off, the Maximals land on what seems to be pre-historic Earth. But turns out to be future earth. Specifically, 300 years into the future, from the events of The Transformers. Due to the planet’s over abundance of energon, the alien robots had to adapt to the environment. The Maximals and Predacons have to transform into local creatures to prevent permanent damage.

The movie stars Michelle Yeoh, Pete Davidson, Ron Perlman and Peter Cullen, among others. Finally, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts runs into theaters on June 9, 2023.


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