Hannibal Season 4 Online Petition Gets Bryan Fuller To Sign

The psychological thriller Hannibal that Bryan Fuller created for television on NBC has a petition for Season 4. The series ran for 3 seasons in the network until NBC axed it due to unfavorable ratings. Yet, it’s still gained a steady population in fan who call themselves ‘fannibals’ during its run on Netflix. Ever since 2015, fannibals have looked forward to seeing Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham and Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal Lecter come full circle.

But, NBC did not see it moving forward. There is an update from Small Screen on YouTube that a petition is ongoing to make Season 4 a reality for the Hannibal television series. Apparently, Fuller even has plans to make as much as 7 seasons for the series.

Hannibal Season 4 Online Petition Gets Bryan Fuller To Sign

The Hannibal Season 4 online petition is from Change.org. Upon posting of this article, the petition has over 16,000 signatures and needs a little over 8,000 to achieve the next goal. Trend Hannibal started the petition to HBO Max.

The petition writes:

Nearly a decade later, and fans are still hungry for more. 

Hannibal (originally aired on NBC from 2013-2015) was ahead of its time visually and thematically, taking characters familiarized in various other medias and twisting them into a fresh tale of murder, deceit, and romance. But the story of Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham was far from over, cut short with a premature cancellation after season 3. 

Many shows, even those with similar subject matter such as Dexter, have come back after extended periods of being off air. Now, with more streaming services and openly LGBTQ+ media being produced, finding the right home for Hannibal’s continuation is right around the corner. The cast, crew and Fannibals are ready!

We are asking for an additional season (or more) to continue Hannibal and Will’s tale, officially concluding this dark arc of cutting-edge media.

Hannibal Season 4 Online Petition Gets Bryan Fuller To Sign

Hannibal Season 4 Online Petition Gets Bryan Fuller To Sign

Image: NBC

What’s more encouraging is that Bryan Fuller himself has signed the petition. Truly, since the previous creator showrunner is now on board, Hannibal is one step closer to another gastronomic exploration. If not the whole 7 seasons, at least one that resolves Hannibal and Will’s arc. In Fuller’s plans, season 4 will adapt Silence of the Lambs. Season 5 would adapt Hannibal the novel. Seasons 6 and 7 would have given new original content bringing a different ending to the serial killer.

We are rooting for the story to get its proper ending at least.

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