Hannah John-Kamen Leaves Red Sonja Production

Red Sonja’s lead actress Hannah John-Kamen has left production. Now Millennium Films is looking for a new star.

Red Sonja is a spin off from Conan The Barbarian. She was created by writer Roy Thomas and artist Barry Windsor-Smith. She first appeared in Conan The Barbarian number 23 in 1973 during their time with Marvel. Red Sonja was adapted into a movie back in 1985 with Brigette Nielsen in the lead. The movie also had Arnold Schwarzenegger in a supporting role as Conan the Barbarian.

Hannah John-Kamen Leaves Red Sonja Production

Hannah John-Kamen Leaves Red Sonja Production

Image: Dynamite Entertainment

Red Sonja is currently under Dynamite Entertainment. While Conan The Barbarian is still with Marvel Comics. 

Millennium Films announced that they’ll be making a Red Sonja movie back in 2017. At one time even Bryan Singer was attached to direct. But because of Singer’s issues, he was removed from production and Red Sonja was shelved for some time. In 2019, Joey Soloway was hired to write and direct the feature film. In 2021, Hannah John-Kamen and Sacha Baron Cohen were cast as Red Sonja and Kilan Gath respectively.

Hannah John-Kamen is known for her work on the tv series Killjoys. She is also a Marvel star known as Ava Starr, also known as Ghost in Marvel’s Ant-Man and the Wasp

The movie faces quite a production predicament because not only did the lead star leave, but also even the director, writer and producer Joel Soloway left. Soloway is also known for producing Six Feet Under (2001-2005).

Hannah John-Kamen Leaves Red Sonja Production

Image: NBC Universal

M.J. Bassett has taken the reins as the new director. He’s known for films like Rogue (2020) starring Megan Fox, Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) starring Adelaide Clements. He also directed some episodes of Ash vs Evil Dead (2015-2016), Marvel’s Iron Fist (2018) and Altered Carbon (2019). 

The production is now looking for a new star for Red Sonja. Specifically a 5’8” woman or taller who can do action scenes. No ethnicity has been required. 

Production of the film is set to start in May of this year. 

We are sad to learn that Hannah John-Kamen left the production of Red Sonja. However, we hope that the new director M.J. Bassett will be able to bring his plans for the project into fruition.


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