Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Commences Shoot With Working Title Origins

Epic monster franchise Godzilla vs Kong commences its shoot for Godzilla vs Kong sequel and the working title is Origins. The franchise is now shooting for the legendary monsters to fight once more. According to MovieWeb, the working title suggests that the upcoming movie will tackle Godzilla’s history.

The report confirms that the movie has started shooting in Australia with the working title Origins. Notably, the release year is 2024 which understandably allows ample post production time for the titans. 

Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Commences Shoot With Working Title Origins

Godzilla vs Kong practically carried the movie going public through the pandemic in 2021. With a production budget of $155M, it got a worldwide box office record of $468M despite protocols and restrictions.

Indeed, the movie outperformed expectations even for its streaming online. Fans have commended the movie’s resolve to focus on the monsters and their fight scenes rather than the human stories. Even though there are also subplots dedicated for the humans in the movie, it still kept Godzilla’s story as the centerpiece.

As the movie will still feature Kong in the story, fans expect that the project will return to Hollow Earth. Or at least feature a portion of the movie for Kong’s home. This can also cover the working title of Origins for the movie. Nevertheless, Origins could still be changed as the course of production progresses its shoot.

The franchise still pays attention to the human aspect of the story. In fact, Dan Stevens is on board for the lead role of the sequel. Meanwhile, Adam Wingard is also back as the sequel’s director.

Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Commences Shoot With Working Title Origins

Godzilla vs Kong Commences Shoot With Working Title Origins

Image: Warner Bros.

Given the previous movie’s success in featuring the kaiju and the giant ape flex their strength and will, audiences from around the world expect no less. The movie was also successful in establishing a connection with the two giants. As intended, people watching the film inevitably rooted for their chosen champion. Ultimately, the score was arguably a draw.

Perhaps this upcoming sequel will showcase an actual winner or maybe introduce another opponent. However, such a route will only seem to be a rehash of the previous movie.

We do hope to see more of the contenders. Let. Them. Fight.


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