Gal Gadot Shows Excitement For Wonder Woman 3

Gal Gadot tweets her gratitude to the fans and expresses her excitement to share the next chapters of Wonder Woman to the world. The unmatched Gal Gadot will soon start filming for the third installment of the Amazon Princess. Despite the second movie’s lackluster numbers in the box office, Gadot’s performance is still without equal for the role.

Back in October, we reported that director Patty Jenkins has shared that the script for the third movie is complete. Now, nearly two months later, the actress with the titular role says she can’t wait to continue Diana’s story. We may be getting more official announcements soon as to the development of this DC franchise.

Gal Gadot Shows Excitement For Wonder Woman 3

Does this mean that the new DC Bible under James Gunn and Peter Safran is already in place? Wonder Woman 3 will be the first movie that will begin its production proper after the great transition of the studio. By that, it has some weight when people say that Wonder Woman 3 will be defining the new regime’s stance on the DC franchise. This project begins with the new Co-CEOs. Thus, this DCU movie strengthens the path that The Flash movie will start.

Patty Jenkins may have her vision for Diana, but now, Wonder Woman has to tell her story with an over-arching unified grand plan. We share Gadot’s excitement mainly because DC Studios will start taking steps to unify its universe more prominently.

The first movie established who she is in the DCU. The second movie, even though people see it as a disappointment, establishes her adjustment and struggles as time goes by. While the movie left many questions unanswered, it had the gem of a cameo from the legendary Lynda Carter herself. There are fans who will watch and re-watch the movie if only for that scene. However, the second movie closes its own chapters. Now Diana is ready for new challenges and missions.

Gal Gadot Shows Excitement For Wonder Woman 3

Gal Gadot Shows Excitement For Wonder Woman 3

Image: Warner Bros.

Just what will Wonder Woman 3 offer for the progression of Diana’s story? There are many stories to tell if they will refer to the Amazon Princess’ adventures in the pages of DC Comics. There was a time she had lost her memories, another when she encountered Pandora with her box that nearly killed Superman. Many storylines involve Roman Mythology gods and goddesses as Diana herself is a daughter of Zeus.

Are you excited to learn more about Diana’s adventures?


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