Fans Have Mixed Reactions On How Luke Skywalker Cameo Was Created

The production team created the Luke Skywalker cameo with a combination of actual and digital leaving fans with mixed reactions.

Less than six days ago we all got to see Luke Skywalker again in Episode 6 of the Book of Boba Fett.

While the novelty of seeing the Master Jedi again does not get old, fans note that something is off.

It is obvious that it is not natural.

Of course you can’t get Mark Hamil into a bacta tank of youth (can it do that at all? but why do I have to ask this in the first place?).

Luke Skywalker Cameo Created for Fans

Fans Have Mixed Reactions On How Luke Skywalker Cameo Was Created

Image: Disney Plus

There is no secret behind the fact that Skywalker’s appearance is for the fans of Star Wars.

It is also an opportunity to connect the current generation to the first ones who wowed at the sight of the galactic empire’s fleet.

In fact, a lot of the current Star Wars projects update, reconnect, realign, refresh, revisit and even reenergize the fanbase.

A handful of other franchises can only dream of it.

In the Season 2 Finale of The Mandalorian entitled: The Rescue, I was one of those who were teary eyed happy seeing Luke battle it out with the Dark Troopers.

I mean, the whole platoon didn’t even match his power.

Days later, people comment that the moment Luke revealed his face and spoke was bothersome.

I knew there will be comments such as that but I appreciated the episode for what it did nonetheless.

Luke is back. Luke is a Jedi Master now and he came to rescue them.

Fans still have split reactions to Luke Skywalker Cameo

Fans Have Mixed Reactions On How Luke Skywalker Cameo Was Created

A CG of de-aged Mark Hamil over a performance actor, this time in the person of Graham Hamilton, will never be perfect.

No matter how state-of-the-art or advanced, there will always be a difference.

However, that doesn’t mean it is horrible.

I appreciate the intention of keeping Luke Skywalker’s image intact.

Because of this, I accept there will be a level of reality that is unsatisfied.

Perhaps recasting is truly due but it is indeed such a heavy light saber to wield.

Maybe not a lot of fans are ready to see a new actor for Luke despite the fact that Mark Hamill is ok with that already.

Even further, maybe these are steps to prepare us for a recast.

Who knows?

If the show is indeed not ready for a new Luke, then they take the digital path and bridge with actual actors.

Recent revelations also further split the reactions.

A program called Respeecher generated the voice of Luke Skywalker in the recent episode.

The program or application synthesized the voice from existing data of the original films.

This can either be seen as an opportunity or a threat.

It is an opportunity to bring past characters to life.

Fans Have Mixed Reactions On How Luke Skywalker Cameo Was Created

Image: Disney Plus

A lot of movie characters have been de-aged not just in Star Wars alone.

Digital advancements are inevitable and these can eventually be a better option in terms of budget in the future.

The easier the application is used, the faster it gets results.

The better data it processes, the more realistic would be the product.

Financially, production outfits will only have to renew permission of the original actor for use of his image in projects.

Sometimes, recasting can actually cost more.

I am sure the team behind the series have done their homework in identifying the most effective option.

That one option that makes more people happy.

Not everyone happy, just more people happy.

However, some also see this as a threat.

A threat that eventually, digitized version of actors will take away opportunities for new actors.

And what happens to digitized actors who will or have passed away?

Future industry policies can be a result of Fans’ split reactions to Luke Skywalker Cameo.

Fans Have Mixed Reactions On How Luke Skywalker Cameo Was Created

Image: Disney Plus

Because there is going to be infinite possibilities, there is a possibility of developing policies for digitized performances.

Certain and specific conditions will regulate the output.

Definitely the industry will explore and identify these policies.

It will not only protect the integrity of content and actors’ interests.

It will also protect the audience from unsatisfactorily rendered output.

And then, hopefully, even more people will be happy.


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