Fans Happy As Konami Teases 4 Silent Hill Games and 1 Movie

October 20, Konami delivered its Silent Hill Transmission teasing not 1 but 4 games and a movie sequel in development. Indeed, the day became a happy tease-the-fans-with-Silent-Hill day for those who have waited so long for an update from the franchise.

The horror video game franchise has been around for more than 20 years. Many fans from its early run are still enjoying the game at present. Even though the franchise isn’t as spectacular in the movie aspect, people still feel their hype for the updates.

The video SILENT HILL Transmission (EN) | KONAMI is up on the Silent Hill Official channel of Konami Digital Entertainment. In a little over half an hour, Konami showcased not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 games coming up!

First off is the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 for PS5. Hugely aimed to be a tribute to the original game that started it all. Konami intends to bring a new version of Silent Hill 2 for players, old and new. They promised that while they will be updating a lot of features, the story remains intact. Konami Producer Motoi Okamoto talked about the games in development. He introduced the original concept artist Masahiro Ito and composer Akira Yamaoka. Bloober Team is developing the remake for PS5 and Okamoto shared the game development with messages from Piotr Babieno Bloober’s CEO, Mateusz Lenart Lead Designer and Creative Director among others.

Fans Happy As Konami Teases 4 Silent Hill Games and 1 Movie

Following this news is an interesting teaser for a brand new game under the series entitled Silent Hill: Townfall. The teaser only featured a radio transmitting a one-sided conversation with split clips of scenes and somewhat significant shore. Creative Director Jon McKellan shared his enthusiasm in working with original creators of Silent Hill and Annapurna. The game is one of the thrusts of Konami to expand the world of Silent Hill.

Next, Konami excitedly shared that a movie, Return To Silent Hill, is currently in the works. The story will be based on Silent Hill 2 videogame. What’s more is that the first Silent Hill movie director Christopher Gans will be back for the project. Together with him is the original producer Victor Hadida. The segment showed various storyboards and clips from the first movie. As with the developing remake, Director Gans assured fans that the story is fully at the core of the project. He emphasizes that no matter how advanced or enhanced the imagery will be, they will be true to the story.

Continuing the nod to Silent Hill 2, the series will release collectors’ edition 1/6 scale statues. Those of The Red Pyramid Thing, James Sunderland, Maria and even the special Inu-End scene statue which doubles as a coin bank. They are also releasing their Limited Edition Board Collection. Other statues including versions of the Bubble Head Nurse will also soon be available. Quite notably, they will also release the Red Pyramid Thing & Maria Elevator Chase Diorama. All of these will be available in their eCommerce page.

Fans Happy As Konami Teases 4 Silent Hill Games and 1 Movie

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From there, Konami featured what lies ahead for Silent Hill. An exciting interactive game is coming next year entitled Silent Hill Ascension. The game will be coming from Genvid, Bad Robot, Behaviour and DJ2. It brings Silent Hill to a whole new world. In Ascension, players get to interact and decide what happens during the game. Without a reset button, the game result becomes canon to Silent Hill. And, it goes live in 2023.

The last feature and absolutely not the least is another game in development, Silent Hill f. The aesthetics of the featured teaser is remarkable. As one watches, it gives off the eerie and scary vibe of Silent Hill yet so beautiful that one can’t look away. Somehow plant-life has consumed the world. Furthermore, it appears to devour everything in its path. Thus, making a place that is enchanting and dangerous at the same time.

Silent Hill has long intrigued, scared and thrilled people with its story and gameplay. Crossing the entertainment platform from videogame to the theatrical movies is inevitable. Perhaps, this third movie will fare better with the critics. Since they have taken more time to refine its aspects story wise. Visual effects will be understandably expected to be on par with the videogame. But as the director has said, the heart of the movie is in its story.

Is it worth it to return to the eternally burning town?


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