Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion Role May Be in The Marvels

It appears that Emilia Clarke’s role in Secret Invasion series will also be in the upcoming Captain Marvel sequel, The Marvels.

Giant Freakin Robot posts the possibility as word has gotten out that Clarke’s role is also among the characters featured in The Marvels movie.

Apart from ruling the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke has been taking on roles within its level of franchise prominence. Terminator, Star Wars and now Marvel Cinematic Universe are among the worlds she has explored as an actress. These on top of other movie titles such as Last Christmas, Above Suspicion, and Me Before You. Based on financial numbers from four movies that she starred in, her budget to box office ratio averages to a 4.7 multiplier favoring drama and romance movies.

Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion Role May Be in The Marvels

Emilia Clarke The Marvels

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Clarke shines brightest in roles that showcase her charm and her ability to convey her character’s emotions. Her performances in projects that are more on the grander universe scale is actually calling for improvement, comparatively speaking. Nevertheless, her name still draws people out to watch. Her involvement in projects still stimulate curiosity among audiences. The same curiosity is present with her participation in Secret Invasion which now entered post production.

Not much detail is available pertaining to Secret Invasion. Other than leaked photos in the past months, there isn’t really much going for the public to go on. We don’t even have a name to go with her character from then until now. Recent information that is circulating though is that her character could possibly be in the Captain Marvel sequel The Marvels as well. What could this mean? Except the fact that her role is instrumental or influential in both projects, it could mean she is part of a bigger continuity.

Emilia Clarke’s Secret Invasion Role May Be in The Marvels

Emilia Clarke The Marvels

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In the comics, Secret Invasion is a Marvel comics cross-over event. It covered the long-term infiltration of the Skrulls, a race of alien shapeshifters, who covertly replaced many superheroes in the Marvel Universe. With a promotional tagline “Who do you trust?”, Secret Invasion took advantage of  a lot of plot twists. Now, the storyline is  being adapted for MCU through the Disney Plus series. Eventually, to The Marvels full feature movie as well.

As to just who Emilia Clarke is in Secret Invasion and eventual The Marvels is anyone’s guess. If she is part of the Skrull, she can indeed be anyone in the movie and/or series. If there is any remaining semblance of an organization that was S.H.I.E.L.D., she could also be a director or agent.

Are you excited to learn about her role in the MCU?


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