Ella Purnell Cast On Amazon’s Fallout Series

Army of the Dead’s Ella Purnell has been casted on Amazon’s video game adaptation series based on Bethesda’s Fallout.

The series is based on Bethesda’s post apocalyptic game franchise, Fallout. Long-time fans know that the game series happens in an alternate timeline that diverged in the 1950s. In the game a global nuclear war happened in 2077. The war forced people to stay in underground self-sustaining facilities called Vaults for decades. Since the Vaults themselves won’t last forever, some people venture out. This is where the Fallout stories start out. While there is the discovery of a wasteland, the presence of danger is out there. As nuclear war has destroyed the world, people can very well take uncalculated risks as they venture out.

Ella Purnell Casted On Amazon’s Fallout Series

Ella Purnell Casted On Amazon's Fallout Series

Image: Bethesda

A series in a post-apocalyptic setting is not actually new. A lot of shows and movies utilized this concept before. The most popular one these days is the The Walking Dead where zombies thrive in the world. Battlestar Galactica, is also a post-apocalyptic show considering the people there had to escape the extermination of the human race. We’ve seen movies that give that same feeling of Fallout like The Book of Eli with Denzel Washington, or The Road with Viggo Mortensen.

What’s interestingly different with Fallout is that it has already a very rich history. The original game came out since 1997 by Interplay and was able to release a number of games up until 2004. Bethesda took over making Fallout games and is still currently one of the most successful brands today.

Variety reports that Ella Purnell lands the lead role in the Amazon post apocalyptic series, Fallout.

Ella Purnell Casted On Amazon's Fallout Series

Image: Bethesda

Ella Purnell is well known for her role in Showtime’s Yellowjackets. She also voiced Jinx aka Powder in Netflix popular video game based animation titled Arcane: League of Legends and Kate Ward in Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead (2021).

Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan conceived the Fallout series that Amazon confirmed its development in July 2020. Joy and Nolan have also teamed up for the HBO’s Westworld series. Nolan will be directing the pilot episode as well as executive produce the project with Joy and Athena Wickham through Kilter Films. Todd Howard represents Bethesda Game Studios, while James Altman represents Bethesda Softworks for the project series.


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