Doctor Strange 2 New Teaser Shows WandaVision Characters Return

A new television teaser for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness showed two WandaVision characters reappearing for the movie.

As the movie’s premiere fast approaches, Doctor Strange teases viewers for an additional twist to the story. Fans have long speculated that the sons of Wanda, Billy and Tommy Maximoff have the possibility of coming back. This is due to the season ender of the Disney Plus series WandaVision where their voices can be heard while Wanda’s Scarlet Witch studies the Darkhold.

For months MCU fans have speculated various plotlines for the movie. Included in the speculations is the possibility of having Scarlet Witch as the main villain of the movie. There is also the possibility of Sinister Strange being the main villain. That somehow he has escaped his capsule and now means to wreak havoc to the universe where Doctor Strange belongs.

Doctor Strange 2 New Teaser Shows WandaVision Characters Return

Doctor Strange 2 New Teaser Shows WandaVision Characters Return

Image: Disney Plus

Time draws near and the idea that Scarlet Witch is the true villain gets more traction especially with the appearance of the two boys. With the barrier of their universe weak, Scarlet Witch sees an opportunity to be with her sons. Children who belong to another universe. In her grief for the loss of the ones she loved, she realize her sons truly exist and are in trouble somewhere and she means to save them. She means to take them against all odds.

In the comic books, Tommy and Billy are also known as Speed and Wiccan. They came to exist solely through the reality-shifting powers of Scarlet Witch. There is also the involvement of Mephisto in their existence. Finally a part where they were reborn in different families but in the end they still knew that Scarlet Witch is their mother. Truly, the boys have a complicated origin story to their names. However, they did grow up to be among the young Avengers. Eventually they became superheroes in their own rite.

Doctor Strange 2 New Teaser Shows WandaVision Characters Return

As Doctor Strange intended to enlist her help to re-seal and restore the weakened fabric of the MCU, the theory goes that Wanda saw this as an opportunity to get her sons back. She foils Doctor Strange’s attempt to seal the cracks. Thus, all hell breaks lose and variants are introduced to the MCU. Doctor Strange, being the one who initiated the quagmire, is to face the Illuminati. He is about to receive his punishment when Wanda arrives to take over the council.

This plotline has been going around the fandom and at some degree, it’s truly plausible. Nevertheless, the movie is about to show and we all wait in barely held anticipation. With this reveal for a television spot, what other twists can we expect in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness?


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