Disney Wish’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter Is Not MCU Canon

As Marvel Cinematic Universe or MCU expands, not all stories with its characters are canon including Avengers: Quantum Encounter. Disney features several attractions to its amusement parks and recreation locations. Among these is the Disney Cruise Line’s Disney Wish which features Worlds of Marvel’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter.

At the rate that characters and premises are being introduced to the audiences, the attractions have to have that “updatable” approach for the properties. They feature seasoned and new characters to their skits and Quantum Encounter is an example.

For those who are able to experience these shows, they can be quite disorienting. For one thing, they might think of some inconsistencies in their stories to that of the MCU that is in theaters and Disney Plus. TheDirect posts an article explaining that these features or short stories of the attractions are not MCU canon. They are treated as variants of the MCU’s Universe 616.

Disney Wish’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter Is Not MCU Canon

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According to Imagineer Danny Handke, the Creative Director for Worlds of Marvel, Avengers: Quantum Encounter “coexist” with MCU canon. Apparently, Disney’s theme park has its own universe. But in that universe, the center of the story is the audience and their experiences. He says:

We are kind of in our own theme park universe, and the Multiverse concept’s great because we’re a Variant of the main MCU timeline, so it helps everyone understand that. Canon is the official canon we see on screen and our park universe mirrors that, but our stories go in different directions, mainly because we as the audience are protagonists.

This is why heroes alike Black widow and Iron Man still exist in Disneyland. More characters and even newer ones like Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan and Moon Knight Marc Specter may appear and are already familiar to and even team up with Loki, Black Panther and even two Captain Americas Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson. They take advantage of the Multiverse beyond the big and small screen.

From Handke’s description, the stories unfold with the heroes needing the audience’s participation through the story. The audience becomes heroes too. For Avengers: Quantum Encounter he describes:

We’re here, we’re eating, we’re demonstrating Quantum technology and then the action unfolds around us and it becomes closer and closer to our doorstep as Ultron becomes a bigger and bigger threat and we help save the day. We become heroes in our own story in that way. The Avengers are talking directly to us, like our other theme park attractions. That’s what makes it different compared to watching a film or TV series. Where you’re watching the action happen to those characters, it’s happening to us. So that’s what makes the theme park universe a little different.

Disney Wish’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter Is Not MCU Canon

Check out LaughingPlace’s channel on youtube for a video of the experience.

The clip actually showed Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel within the same fighting space as Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel. Anthony Mackie is of course Cap. The three comes aboard the ship to help Antman (Paul Rudd) and The Wasp (Evangeline Lilly) fight off Ultron and his robots.

Stories for Quantum Encounter are designed to adapt and mirror the running MCU timeline. This allows the passengers to see new characters interact with those from Phase 1-3 of the MCU.

Disney Wish begins to feature Worlds of Marvel’s Avengers: Quantum Encounter on July 14.


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