Disney+ Updates on X-Men ’97 Series

90’s kids are excited to hear about updates on the upcoming X-Men’97 series on Disney+ from the animated series X-Men.

I, myself, am a 90’s kid and so happy to learn that the new series X-Men ’97 will be based on the 5-season animated series of my youth.

Back then, my favorite (until now, actually) is Rogue.

To my eyes, the series art style was so in line with the current comics style that only made me enjoy reading and watching the X-Men even more.

Online entertainment channels have listed important updates on the upcoming series.

Disney+ Updates On X-Men ’97 Series Include The Story

Disney+ Updates on X-Men '97 Series

Image: Disney Plus

Whether the series will be a reboot or a continuation, it definitely is based on story and characters from the 90s series.

Hence the added ’97 on the series title.

The 5-year series ends with the professor battling an ailment.

He leaves the X-Men in the hopes of finding a cure outside of Earth.

Apparently, the upcoming series will begin by bringing the X-Men back together.

According to the updates, no details were shared.

Only that the X-Men went though a highly “impactful event” that most likely separated them from each other.

The describe it as a series that will “reunite the X-Men”

Updates on Disney+ X-Men ’97 indicates most of the team behind the Original are back

The project called the original voice actors back in for the new series.

Indeed, we will get to hear George Buza’s Beast, Cal Dodd’s Wolverine, Alison Sealy-Smith’s Storm, Chris Potter’s Gambit, Lenore Zann’s Rogue and Catherine Disher’s Jean Grey again.

Even key production personalities are back to consult on the progress of the new series.

Original series writers Eric and Julia Lewald and director Larry Houston will be consulting as well.

Head writer and executive producer of the new series is Beau DeMayo, known for his work on the Witcher and the Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

Supervising Director is Jake Castorena, known for his work on Batman: The Killing Joke.

Suffice to say, the continuity that they are aiming for X-Men ’97 will be well take care of.

Something Old And Something New For The Updates On Disney+ X-Men ’97

Disney+ Updates on X-Men '97 Series

Image: Disney Plus

The original voice actor of Jubilee, Alison Court, will be joining the cast for a different undisclosed character.

Relinquishing her Jubilee claim in favor of a new actress of Asian descent.

Other voice actors on the list include Jennifer Hale, Ray Chase, JP Karliak, AJ LoCascio, Matthew Waterson, Anniwaa Buachie, and Holly Chou.

In addition, animation style remains the same but with minor changes or improvements.

Clear Statement on the Updates on Disney+ X-Men ’97

The creators state it’s clear that the X-Men ’97 will not be connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

My take on the updates on Disney+ X-Men ’97

The disconnect of this animated series to the MCU most likely is due to the creative freedom the team wants for the series.

Since the showrunners market this as a continuation to the original series, they may determine that certain elements in story telling have to be separate from the MCU.

However, because MCU is already dabbling on the multiverse and time variants, I think connecting it will not be a problem.

Perhaps, for this season, they have to focus on this particular universe.

This is because, they are still establishing the continuation of the series

MCU connection can be something they can explore on the succeeding seasons.

At the moment, I am just completely happy.

And, even more excited that something from my childhood is coming very soon.

Ten episodes will be produced for the new series and X-Men ’97 will be seen on Disney+ on 2023.


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