Disney Plus Wolverine Series In The Works

It’s being reported that a Wolverine series on Disney Plus is in the works as scripts have been written and one is in the rewrite process.

This snikt of information came to us a few hours ago on Twitter:

BREAKING: Scripts are being worked on for a “Wolverine” Disney+ series, and already went through a rewrite process.

@XMenUpdate shares the post (via Scooper @ProfHulksLab) with a line-art of Wolverine with the Disney Plus logo and What’s On DISNEY PLUS logos.

As of writing this article, the tweet has reached 365 Retweets, 2060 Quote Tweets and 2420 Likes.

Needless to say, there is still a solid fanbase for the rapid healing mutant with the Adamantium plated skeleton.

Disney Plus Wolverine Series In The Works

The tweet of a Disney Plus Wolverine series received rather mixed reactions from fans.

Those that say the Wolverine character has had so many stories told over the years.

Some fans express that the Wolverine character could be a bit tiring for this generation.

But a good number practically says “Bring it bub!”.

For a series with a script at the rewrite process, this can only mean they are already polishing the details at this point.

Disney Plus clearly has a lot of faith in Wolverine to work on this on top of the officially announced X-Men ’97.

It is not yet clear though whether the script they are working on is for a spin-off of the animated X-Men series.

It could even likely be a live-action adaptation or even a computer generated imagery.

Either way we are interested as to which part of Logan’s life will be showcased in the new series.

It can also be a series focused on specific missions Wolverine did in the past.

Disney Plus Wolverine Series In The Works

There are still a lot of story resource available through the comics to explore adventures of Wolverine in a series for Disney Plus.

Some fans also point out, maybe this is an entry point.

Meaning, other series will be made for popular X-Men characters.

Would it mean there could be Cable or Nightcrawler or an anthology series on X-Men origins?

We keep our senses up for any development of this news.

Our interest is piqued as much as yours are.

Snikt! Snikt!


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