Disney Plus Star Wars Andor Just Gave Starkiller Easter Egg

In the recent episode of Disney Plus Star Wars Andor series, the show just nonchalantly displayed Starkiller armor in the background. Fans are quick to notice the unmistakable features of the helm and torso. Groups watching the show suddenly tapped each other asking if the others are seeing what they are seeing. Somehow, fans can’t believe their eyes! Does this mean that Starkiller is now canon? Considering that the showrunner has explicitly declared they won’t do anything just for fan service. Remember? Remember?!

If this isn’t fan service, there is bound to be an explanation for that specific armor and helm showing up on Andor. Right? Right?! sffgazette.com points this out too.

Disney Plus Star Wars Andor Just Gave Starkiller Easter Egg

Meanwhile, Twitter fans are now beside themselves. Paused and screen-captured from the scene, then placed side-by-side, it confirms that it truly is Starkiller! For those who are unfamiliar with the character, he is Galen Marek who is also known as The Apprentice in the video game StarWars: The Force Unleashed. The character is also in the non-canon universe of Star Wars. However, given this development in the latest series, it seems Marek is finding his way to becoming canon. Perhaps actor Sam Witwer who lent his voice and image to the character would get the chance to portray him in live-action. We have seen Katie Sackhoff do so from voice to live-action for Bo Katan in The Mandalorian.

In the non-canonical expanded universe, Marek is Darth Vader’s secret apprentice after the Great Jedi Purge. Darth Vader gave him the code name Starkiller thus becoming Vader’s personal assassin. Eventually, Vader finds him of no longer use that he left Starkiller for dead. This betrayal led the former apprentice to join the newly formed Rebellion. This could very well fit the events of Andor.

Although, there are alternate timelines of the non-canon universe. In that alternate timeline, Starkiller succeeds in murdering Darth Vader. Palpatine takes him in as his new apprentice replacing the former master he killed. From there he becomes Lord Starkiller who became a major factor in defeating the rebellion over the years. In that timeline, alternate events transpire parallel to the events of the original trilogy up to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi where the Empire is able to quash the Rebellion.

Disney Plus Star Wars Andor Just Gave Starkiller Easter Egg

Starkiller Andor Star Wars Unleashed Disney Plus

Image: Lucasfilm

Whether Disney Plus Star Wars Andor series will introduce a version of Galen Marek or some knight that previously owned that armor in the episode is still uncertain. If this were other series, we could have brushed this off as a mere easter egg indeed. However, given the statement of the showrunner, the armor is not there for just fan service.

Perhaps at one point or another, if not in this season, perhaps in the next, the owner of that armor will appear in the series as well. If that happens to be a highly Force-sensitive being named Galen Marek, evil or not, then make it so.

Is the galaxy far, far away ready for the Force Wrecking Ball? Let’s keep our kybers close, shall we?


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