Disney Plus Shows National Treasure: Edge Of History In SDCC

Disney Plus finally presents teaser trailer and behind the scenes of National Treasure: Edge Of History series in SDCC. Deadline features that the series spin-off from the Nicolas Cage starred adventure franchise is ready for the streaming service. We have been following the development of the series since February when they announced Catherine Zeta-Jones as among the cast. The feature also confirms the guest starring of Justin Bartha fortifying the series’ connection with the movies of the National Treasure franchise.

In the presented teaser trailer, National Treasure: Edge Of History gave a sneak peek of Lisette Olivera’s Jess. The same teaser is uploaded on the official Disney Plus YouTube channel. In addition to Bartha, Harvey Keitel returns as Peter Sadusky, the FBI agent who often opposes Cage’s character Ben in the movies. Have a look at the teaser trailer below.

Disney Plus Shows National Treasure: Edge Of History In SDCC

Previously, the Disney Plus original series announced that the series is not directly connected to the events of the movie. However, the presence of Bartha and Keitel reprising their roles prove that the stories happen in the same world. In the series, it’s Jess’ point of view that will be the focus. She is a dreamer in search of answers about her family. Thus, she embarks on a journey of discovery and come across a once-in-a-lifetime chance of finding a lost Pan-American treasure. Eventually, Jess is bound to encounter challenges, mysteries and puzzles along the way. Throughout the series, she will have allies and foes alike. Whether ally or foe, Jess will face Billie portrayed by Oscar Winner Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Official cast members of the new reboot with Catherine Zeta-Jones and Lisette Alexis include:

  • Lyndon Smith as an FBI Agent Ross with the personal mission to prove her worth as an agent.
  • Zuri Reed as Jess’ best friend tech genius Tasha who reevaluates her beliefs as she accompanies Jess on her adventures.
  • Jordan Rodrigues as the Golden boy Ethan who loves Jess ever since childhood.
  • Antonio Cipriano as the conspiracy theorist Oren who also tags along to prove his affections for Tasha.
  • Jane Austin Walker who is musician Liam with the mysterious connection to the treasure as well.

Disney Plus Shows National Treasure: Edge Of History In SDCC

Disney Plus Shows National Treasure Edge Of History In SDCC

Image: Disney Plus

Significantly, the people behind the National Treasure franchise are on board the series. Jerry Bruckheimer as a producer, with Marianne and Cormac Wibberley as writers. The 10-episode series will be helmed by Mira Nair.

Series writing credits belong to the team composed of Maura Milan, John-Paul Nickel, Paola Villegas Soruco, Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley and Dwain Worrell. Diya Mishra is the story editor for 8 episodes. ABC Signature and Jerry Bruckheimer Television have the production company credit while Disney Plus and Walt Disney Television are distributors for TV and all media.

The series still promise puzzles and plot twists. However, fans are still clamoring for the return of Ben in the movies. This however is still a work in progress. Bruckheimer has confirmed that the third instalment of the franchise for the big screen is still in development. Above all, the film producer declared he still plans to have Cage in the future.


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