Disney Plus Shows First Look At Santa Clauses

Halfway through the year is half way toward the holiday season and Disney Plus now has the first look at the upcoming Santa Clauses series. As of today, there’re only 184 days left to Christmas. The House of Mouse is abuzz with all the preparations.

Disney Plus Original Series showcases a photo of the cast for Santa Clauses. In time for the upcoming holidays, the streaming service will release a series picking up from the third movie, Santa Clause: The Escape Clause.

The new Disney Plus series still carries the theme from previous movies. It’s linking being the Santa Claus because of a contract clause. The first ever movie premiered on theaters November 1994. The movie starred Tim Allen as a divorced dad who has custody of his son. One Christmas Eve, he inadvertently led a man in a red suit to his demise. Before vanishing he was given a card instructing him to put on the suit and follow the reindeers. The rest is the whole movie showing his predicament of getting himself to assume the role of Santa Claus. Because, the card is actually a contract where the Santa Clause is on fine print that looked like a decorative border.

Disney Plus Shows First Look At Santa Clauses

Disney Plus Shows First Look At Santa Clauses

Image: Disney Plus

The movie was a hit, with only a $22M budget, its sleigh bells rang in $190.5M in the world wide box office. The second movie, The Santa Clause 2, released 8 years later didn’t perform as well but still brought in good numbers for $65M budget to $172.8 gross in the world wide box office. This time, Calvin is in a pickle to comply with the contract. He has to get married before Christmas Eve if he wants to stay as Santa Claus. Meanwhile, his son Charlie, portrayed by Eric Lloyd, is on the Naughty List.

On the third movie, Scott Calvin takes on added challenges on top of his Santa Claus responsibilities. These are to keep his new family happy while he is Santa and keep Jack Frost, portrayed by Martin Short, from stealing Christmas.

This one, even though it performed the least in the box office at a gross of $107.5M still gave a good financial result as it only had a budget of $12M. Word is that production got substantially cut because the movie was mostly shot at a backyard studio. Furthermore, some set materials from the second movie were re-used or re-purposed. Epitome of creativity.

Perhaps it’s along these lines that the franchise is now better for Disney Plus streaming. For the past years, families have enjoyed a staple set of movies to watch during the holidays. Making one series from a franchise that now belongs to the holiday classics will be a good venture. It allows viewers to revisit the old characters while updating the story for newer generations.

Disney Plus Shows First Look At Santa Clauses

Disney Plus Shows First Look At Santa Clauses

Image: Disney

The upcoming Santa Clauses series has Allen back as a sexagenarian Scott Calvin who starts to lose his Santa Magic. It’s now time to find his replacement. Elizabeth Mitchell also comes back as Carol aka Mrs. Claus. Austin Kane and Elizabeth Allen, real daughter of Tim Allen, are in the cast as their two kids Cal and Grace.

Kal Penn is new to the franchise and he will be Simon Choski, a game inventor and product developer with his daughter Grace played by Rupali Redd.

Joining the supporting cast are Devin Bright as Santa’s right-hand elf Noel and  Matilda Lawler as Santa’s Chief of Staff elf Betty.

Jack Burditt is the showrunner of “The Santa Clause” series. He is also the executive producer together with lead star Allen. Jason Winer is at the helm as well as executive produce with Jon Radler under Small Dog Picture Company. In addition, Kevin Hench, Richard Baker and Rick Messina are also executive producers.

Santa Clauses the Disney Plus series comes to the small screen very soon.


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