Disney Plus Santa Clauses Welcomes David Krumholtz Back

Disney Plus updates cast for upcoming series The Santa Clauses as David Krumholtz now joins to reprise Bernard the Elf. Krumholtz joins the cast even though Bernard wasn’t in the third movie. After portraying the role in the first and second movies, fans were looking for him in the first look photos that the studio released. Evidently, fans wanted to see him after his absence in the third.

Deadline reported that he joins Tim Allen as part of the official cast for the series that will pick up where the third movie left off. Disney Plus subscribers get to see the cynical yet straightforward trustworthy elf among Santa’s crew.

Bernard the Elf taught Allen’s Scott Calvin the ropes of being the big guy in the very first movie. Then, he was also there when Santa needed a Mrs. Santa Clause for the second movie. In the third instalment however, they did not mention anything about his absence. Particularly, they just had his assistant Curtis take over his Head Elf position portrayed by Spencer Breslin. The fandom explains that it was possible that Bernard has retired from his duties during the third movie. The upcoming series will likely address this question once and for all.

Disney Plus Santa Clauses Welcomes David Krumholtz Back

Disney Plus Santa Clauses Welcomes David Krumholtz Back

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The upcoming series will focus on Scott trying to find his own replacement as Santa Claus. Particularly because, he is approaching his 65th birthday and coming to terms with the fact that he can’t be Santa Claus forever. As he starts to lose his magic, he prepares for the next person to take on the job. In line with this, his family, used to the life in the North Pole, is also getting ready for a more normal life. It would be interesting to see how Krumholtz will fit in the narrative.

The first ever movie premiered on theaters November 1994. The movie starred Tim Allen as a divorced dad who has custody of his son. One Christmas Eve, he inadvertently led a man in a red suit to his demise. Before vanishing he was given a card instructing him to put on the suit and follow the reindeers. The rest is the whole movie showing his predicament of getting himself to assume the role of Santa Claus. Because, the card is actually a contract where the Santa Clause is on fine print that looked like a decorative border.

In the second movie of the Santa Clauses franchise, Curtis discovers an overlooked condition for Santa Clause to marry within 8 years of assuming his role. If not, Christmas will be lost forever. Scott then goes back to his hometown to find a wife. In the meantime, to Bernard’s apprehension, Curtis makes a Toy Santa in place of Scott. Expectedly, havoc ensues and they had to stop Toy Santa. Scott arrives just in time to save the holidays. With Elizabeth Mitchell as Carol Newman-Calvin who eventually became Mrs. Santa Claus.

Disney Plus Santa Clauses Welcomes David Krumholtz Back

Disney Plus Santa Clauses Welcomes David Krumholtz Back

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On the third movie, Scott Calvin takes on added challenges on top of his Santa Claus responsibilities. These are to keep his new family happy while he is Santa and keep Jack Frost, portrayed by Martin Short, from stealing Christmas.

Austin Kane and Elizabeth Allen, real daughter of Tim Allen, are in the Disney Plus series cast as their two kids Cal and Grace. Kal Penn is new to the Santa Clauses franchise and he will be Simon Choski, a game inventor and product developer with his daughter Grace played by Rupali Redd. Joining the supporting cast are Devin Bright as Santa’s right-hand elf Noel and  Matilda Lawler as Santa’s Chief of Staff elf Betty.

Jack Burditt is the showrunner of “The Santa Clause” series. He is also the executive producer together with lead star Allen. Jason Winer is at the helm as well as executive produce with Jon Radler under Small Dog Picture Company. In addition, Kevin Hench, Richard Baker and Rick Messina are also executive producers.

Santa Clauses the Disney Plus series comes to the small screen very soon.


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