Disney Plus’ Reveal Marvel’s She-Hulk Trailer

Disney Plus finally reveals Marvel’s She-Hulk official trailer starring Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters transforming to the titular role of the series.

At last, the official trailer of the much awaited series about Bruce Banner’s cousin is out. And it’s looking gamma great!

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner Hulk talks to Tatiana Maslany through the beginning of the trailer.

Being a Superhero is a trial by fire… Who’s gonna protect the world if not people like you?

The first second of the trailer showed MCU is back in New York. The cityscape, street thugs, familiar environment as compared to the ones featured in the recently concluded Moon Knight. It also showed a tumbling car which may be at the opening scene. Jennifer got in a car accident that required a blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner in order to survive. It’s how she gains her hulk abilities. She-Hulk is then shown from her back just like in the first teasers and features then Jennifer’s voice is heard introducing her normal self.

Disney Plus’ Reveal Marvel’s She-Hulk Trailer

Right off the bat you see Jennifer could easily be Bruce’s cousin in terms of her demeanor. A lawyer getting through her regular life assigned to superhuman law division cases, destressing in a bar. She also rants about how frustrating her family is all the while Bruce tells her

We didn’t ask for this but you still gotta deal with it.

Tim Roth appears for a split-second showcasing his human form, but we all know he is the Abomination.

The cousins’ banter is already evident in the trailer where Bruce cites the triggers of Jennifer’s transformation: anger and fear. To which Jennifer points out as the baseline of any woman existing. She goes through a test that leads her to transform to save her life and Bruce knows her moment of anger is now directed at him.

Jennifer Walters will no longer have a normal life as she becomes She-Hulk. She will never be an anonymous lawyer anymore. But she has the capacity to readily celebrate her “hulkness”. However, she isn’t one to jump in the idea of being an Avenger. She said:

Oh I am not a superhero. That is for billionaires and narcissists and adult orphans for some reason.

Disney Plus’ Reveal Marvel’s She-Hulk Trailer

Marvel She-Hulk Reveal

Image: Disney

The trailer ends with Jennifer in her hulk form trying to go on with her life accepting the changes she is going through. What is a normal life for a gamma radiated hulk anyway?

In the comics, she does specialize on cases involving super powered humans. At this point in the MCU, the world is adjusting to the presence of these people. The effects they have in society aren’t always smooth sailing and without setbacks. That is where the superhuman law division comes in and she will be the face of it.

Are you hulk-pumped to see Tatiana Maslany as the new Hulk in town? We know we are.


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