Disney Plus Agatha Harkness MCU Series Now Coven Of Chaos

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced the series for Agatha Harkness is now Coven of Chaos belonging to Phase 5 of the MCU in the SDCC. Previously, the series belonged to Phase 4 with a title House of Harkness. Evidently, stories and flow of events could have pushed the series back. This is especially after the events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Now a coven, it would mean that the Disney Plus series starring Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness will be with other witches and sorcerers wielding Chaos Magic. Is Elizabeth Olsen coming back for this series as Scarlet Witch? We all know the drill: no body no death. The end of Doctor Strange 2 did not confirm if Wanda really died in that mountain.

Disney Plus Agatha Harkness MCU Series Now Coven Of Chaos

Disney Plus Agatha Harkness MCU Series Now Coven Of Chaos

Image: Marvel Studios

While the series premise is still tightly under wraps, there are crumbs of story from the Doctor Strange sequel. The Scarlet Witch may have destroyed all the versions of the Darkhold but the many universes would have the actual Mount Wundagore in them. The Darkhold is but a copy of the spells found in the mountain. Scarlet Witch only destroyed one mountain in the movie.

However, if Agatha would have her own series, it would also mean that she broke free from Wanda’s punishment spell. So, is Wanda alive or not? Even though the Sorcerer Supreme Wong played by Benedict Wong and Doctor Strange himself by Benedict Cumberbatch can easily deal with Agatha, she has unfinished business with Scarlet Witch.

In an article from cbr.com Hahn is quoted saying

[It’s] a real turn-on [for her] as a performer in terms of digging into this person a little bit more. There is something that does feel so badass to be playing like, you know, we think of a witch, and you think of, immediately, you think of a woman who is loud, who is mysterious, who is dangerous because she’s complicated and she’s misunderstood.

Jac Schaeffer is to develop and write Agatha Harkness: Coven of Chaos. He is also the head writer for the miniseries special WandaVision. Thus, a continuity of the story from Westview, New Jersey is definitely on the table. The show now has a principal photography schedule from January to May next year in Atlanta. As of the moment, only Hahn is officially announced to return and reprise her role for the series. Naturally so, she is the main focus of it after all.

Disney Plus Agatha Harkness MCU Series Now Coven Of Chaos

Disney Plus Agatha Harkness MCU Series Now Coven Of Chaos

Image: Disney Plus

Hahn’s performance as the Visions’ neighbor caught the attention of fans and critics alike. There is even a song that took top search and play in online music and video apps: Agatha All Along. The series introduced her as Agnes who eventually revealed herself as Agatha Harkness. The character that Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created for Marvel Comics whose first appearance was in 1970’s Fantastic Four #94. In the series, she befriended Wanda only because she intended to take Wanda’s powers for herself. She inadvertently taught Wands a way to render another witch powerless with the use of runes. This is what Wanda used to defeat her in the end.

What kind of Chaos plan Agatha has now brewing after her Westview imprisonment? Hahn got an nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie from Primetime Emmy for her portrayal of Agatha Harkness. Truly, she owned the character and gave Wanda a strong competitor in controlling Chaos Magic. However, after everything, we all know who wins.


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