Disney Eyeing Reboot Of Kurt Russell’s Sky High

There is a great chance that Disney is rebooting Kurt Russell’s Sky High, the coming-of-age superhero movie back in 2005.

A new report says that the Sky High movie is in development for a reboot. Let’s take this news with a grain of salt. Even though there’s a lot of people who would like this idea (maybe?), even officially greenlit projects can end up on the shelf, stuck in development limbo. So keep that in mind.

However, with the wave of reboots and sequels in development at the House of Mouse, one movie ripe for the picking in the current superhero film landscape has been untouched for years. If the wizarding world had Hogwarts, then why can’t the superhero universe have a school for young superpowered individuals too?

Sky High is exactly that movie for a generation of kids during the mid 2000s. The movie introduced the world where superheroes abound. A world where these superpowered individuals go to superhero school. These superpowered individuals get sorted out either as “Hero” or as “Sidekick”.

Of course the coveted classification is “Hero” and the less popular classification is “Sidekick”.

Disney Eyeing Reboot Of Kurt Russell’s Sky High

Disney Eyeing Reboot Of Kurt Russell's Sky High

Image: Buena Vista Pictures

It’s important to note that the school does not have a “Villain” category for their young students. As in most comic book stories, the individuals veer into that territory on their own after school.

Kurt Russell is Steve Stronghold, known as the superhero “Commander” in the movie who has super human strength. Steve is husband to Josie played by the late Kelly Preston, known as Jetstream, who can fly. Their son, Will (played by Michael Angarano), is up for his freshman year in the super hero high school Sky High.

Will Stronghold did not have his powers early on in the movie so he was put in the Hero Support program for the Sidekick class. There, his best friend Layla, played Danielle Panabaker (yes, Caitlin Snow from The Flash!) joined him with his other “under-powered” friends.

As the story progressed the specially powered students went through their days in highschool. The movie had the coming-of-age comedy charm to it. It’s complete with teenage love triangles, class clashing and even grown up achievement frustrations.

Disney Eyeing Reboot Of Kurt Russell's Sky High

Image: Buena Vista Pictures

The possibility of a reboot is truly sky high.

There’s a whole classroom full of potential. Whether the reboot is a movie for theatrical release or streaming or direct to video, it offers a lot of promise. The reboot can also be in a form of series for streaming on Disney Plus.

The premise of having a highschool for superpowered individuals has a few seasons to offer if done right. Actors such as Kurt Russell himself or other characters from the movie can come back for cameos. They can also come back as regulars if they are written in as the senior generation of superheroes.

Maybe Michael Anthony Angarano, Danielle Panabaker and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the actors who portrayed Will, Layla and Gwen, respectively, can come back as one of the professors.

Of course, Lynda Carter can still be the Head Mistress.

Registration for Sky High is possibly opening up sooner than we think.


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