Director Says Lee Jung-jae’s Role Is Vengeful in Squid Game 2

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk of Squid Game talk about the upcoming season 2 saying actor Lee Jung-jae’s character will be more vengeful. Meanwhile, Netflix’s Squid Game got Outstanding Direction and Best Actor Emmy Awards in the bag. Commercially and critically successful, Squid Game opened numerous possibilities for the international audience. Years in making the first season alone, director Hwang now has a team of writers to put season 2 together.

From the intriguing and shocking story of a grand play to win or die game, Squid Game now has its second season in development. Many questions are still without answers from the first season. Also, the no-body-not-dead rule could apply to some characters that the audience expects to appear in the second run. However, the main question the director immediately answered on the red carpet during the Emmy’s was about the change that Lee Jung-jae’s character.

By the end of season 1, Lee’s character Seong Gi-hun stopped himself on his intention to finally be a father to his daughter. Instead, discovering that the Squid Games are still active, he means to do something about the new set of games. Definitely, going through the trauma, stress and depression after winning the games, he doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through it. Or, at least, achieve justice for the friends he lost.

Director Says Lee Jung-jae’s Role Is Vengeful in Squid Game 2

Director Hwang even points out a physical indicator of the change his character has. The way Gi-hun has colored his hair red indicates his desire to take action and revenge towards the games. His response:

I mean the biggest change will be the change of [Lee Jung-jae’s] character. Because he’s a different guy in season 2. You know he turned his hair color to red and he became like something more like, serious, more like going for revenge so his character will be totally different.

How Gi-hun’s actions will play out will be revealed on Netflix Squid Games 2. While the director did not disclose any other detail, people are even more curious for what’s coming. Beyond the games, back stories of the characters are also in the audience’s minds. Some are frustrated that Gi-hun is again putting his daughter off. He already has that chance to be there for her. Will the second season also revisit the families of previous fallen players? The policeman who happens to be the brother of the games master could very well still be alive.

Steadily, the international movie industry is expanding its reach. Now more than ever, Asian countries, especially Korea, are taking the spotlight. After so many years, countries and cultures get closer through movies and series. Hwang Dong-hyuk winning for Outstanding Direction and Lee Jung-jae winning Best Actor in a Drama Series is a huge statement. Likewise, it also entails huge expectations.

Director Says Lee Jung-jae’s Role Is Vengeful in Squid Game 2

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As for the actor, Lee Jung-jae has also been challenging himself more. Just this year, the actor took on the director and producer title with his directorial debut Hunt. IMDb describes the film as a spy movie based in the 1980s National Security Planning. The movie generated a weighted average of 7.3/10 from 352 users. Furthermore, Lee’s acting career now adds the Star Wars universe to his belt. The actor is officially in the cast of Star Wars: The Acolyte. Although, production still keeps Lee’s character under wraps. The upcoming show features the Star Wars world during the final days of the High Republic Era.

Squid Game truly marks a pivotal point for the streaming competition. In a published interview with the director, The Hollywood Reporter posts his answer about their question regarding the historic nature of the series’ recognition. The director said:

This long journey that Squid Game has been on is like a dream. Nobody wanted to make it back in 2009 when I was first writing the script and there was no investor, but now we have 14 nominations at the Emmy Awards, which is the most prestigious award in the U.S., and I am nominated for both writing and directing. For me, this is more dramatic than [protagonist] Gi-hun winning the Squid Game. It’s like a miracle.

In turn, Director Hwang keeps his promise about Lee’s character.

Gi-Hun will come back, and he will do something for the world.


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